Thursday, February 14, 2008


In an online group I am in with Heidi as list mom, we decided to do a Valentine Swap. This is the gift I received and just opened today.
This is a wonderful little pin keep made by Nancy R. She couldn't have picked a better subject.
I am adding it to miy little sheep collection.

This is the back of the pinkeep. Now, I have to tell you, that Nancy was not my swap partner, but Barbara's husband was very ill and had to spend many weeks in the hospital. Thank God, he is home now and on the mend. Barbara of course had little time to herself, so Nancy told her not to worry she would take care of it. Now that is a friend.

By the way, this Dutch card maker is my favorite. Heidi and I visited her shop in Holland.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Very nice. That is a very cute pin keep. I should keep that in mind as cross stitch project that would actually get finished. hahahahah!

Nancy said...

Happy Valentine's Day Nancy V!

I'm so glad you like your pinkeep. I had such fun stitching and finishing it, especially since it was a surprise for you!

Enjoy your day with your sweetheart,

Carolien said...

What a lovely pinkeep, Nancy! And Marjolein Bastin is my favourite too. I have also visited her shop in Ede. She makes beautiful things!

Have a nice day, greetings, Carolien

Beatrice said...

My first Cross stitched piece was the Four Seasons by Marjolien Bastin and it is still my favorite.
The pinkeep and the card and gift are wonderful!
Have a good day!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Lovely pin keep!!! Perfect!
Happy Valentine's Day, Nancy! Hoping it will extra sweet for you!

Priscilla said...

Hi, I just found your lovley blog, what a nice little swap from a friend, I have also just had a nice surprise in the post from a friend,

Happy Valentines Day

Priscilla x

Heidi said...

Well Mother, I knew Nancy was working away at a pinkeep but this is tooooooo cute! How perfect for your sheepie collection! Great job on the pinkeep Nancy but I am SURE you meant that Resee's peanut butter heart to be sent to MY house. Right??? :)

Love and hugs ~

Kristen said...

OH how cute and sweet! I LOVE the sheep pinkeep! They are just beautiful! Oh how sweet of her! What a blessing to have such good friends!

Solstitches said...

Nancy! What a gorgeous pinkeep you received from Nancy R.
I love that little sheepie with the heart.
What a beautiful card too. I'm so glad you had such an enjoyable exchange :)


Angela said...

What a really lovely gift you have received from Nancy. She is such a kind and generous spirited friend. I know how much Barbara has to cope with so this was such a thoughtful thing to do. I love this little design and have it ready to stitch too :>) The fabric is lovely too.

I love the pretty card. It is so unusual.
Happy Valentine's Day :>)
Hugs, Angela

Linda said...

Hi Nancy...I'm not sure how I found your but I've been enjoying some of your previous post.
I enjoy stitching and knitting too. Your pin keep is the sweetest, I always wanted to try my hand at making one.
Have a Happy Valentine's Days. Hugs, Linda

Teresa said...

The pinkeep is lovely. I love the card. The little mouse is so cute. I have cross stitch books of Marjolein Bastin nature designs. I love her drawings. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.


Christine said...

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what Nancy's made of!

What a lovely pinkeep. How perfect for our sheep collector. Lovely stitching and finishing Nancy.

Hope your having a wonderful Valentines day!

Mandie said...

oh my!!!! I just love that pinkeep! It's SOOOO cute! Happy Valentines Day! :o)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy, you really got a lovely pinkeep. Last year I made one and it was not so easy as I thought. We did it with crazy patchwork but I like embroidery-ones more.
Have a nice weekend.
Groetjes, Elly

Anonymous said...

very beautifull!!!surprise!!!