Wednesday, March 5, 2008


My Grandaughter, Kristen of Christian Crafter Blog, which you can click on from my list of bloggers I visit, is a HUGH football fan. Brett Farve is her very favorite. She even has a sign above her chair, bought by Mitch, that only Green BayPackers Fans Sit Here. Well, he is going to retire. SOOOOOOOOO
In five years, she says she will be here for the Hall of Fame Festival. They have to be retired five years to be eligible, and she is sure he will be in the first year he can be.

Ok Kristy, you will have to be one of the hundreds of people standing here watching his speech.
I sure hope you get your wish and he is in on first vote.

This is the McKinley Monument in one of our city parks, and yes it looks like this again. Last night we had an ice storm and at least six times in a matter of one half hour our TV went out.
Now I have an old TV and don't care about it, but I was watching American Idol so it made me mad. I unplugged my laptop and computer. Now the ice is gone but we have snow again. Will it ever be Spring?


Kristen said...

OHHHHH, that is soooo true! He is an amazing athlete! I will definitely be there when he is inducted into the hall of fame! I am so encouraged by all of the good that comes out of pro football players. While there are the Michael Vick's of football, there are far more good samaritans! Any time that people remember to use their extra resources that God has given them to give back to the community, I am encouraged!

We have snow/ice/rain as well. YUCK!! I am so ready for flowers and sun and warmth and sun.... did I say sun already??? :) LOVE YOU!!!

Heidi said...

Yuk football! I do not share my Ditty's passion. I am not a sports lover at all. Sorry Ditty. But you can go visit Gramma when it comes time to see this silly man be put in the Hall of Fame for running around a large with in tights. :)

I had snow tooooooooooo! :)

Love and hugs ~

Heidi said...

Oops! I meant running around a large field in tights!

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, I have a little catching up to do.
I'm glad you had a happy, fun trip and love the stitching pieces you just finished...pretty, pretty work.
I think Brett Farve is an amazing player. Green Bay and Brett are my daughters all time favorites. I hope your grandaughter does go to the festival....what an experience that would be.
Glad you had a safe trip and are back home. Linda

Joni said...

While I am a die-hard Steelers fan, I have loved watching Brett over the years. He's dynamic, explosive, and just so darn cute! My daughter called just to tell me about the announcement and to see if she could make me cry! Rotten kid. I am absolutely sure he will get in on the first vote so maybe I'll see Kristen there. LOL And, Heidi... I've finally found a flaw in you. Not liking football and being from Ohio? I think that's illegal or something.

Mary said...

Another thing Heidi and I have no interest in - football!! But I do like hearing about the family - you are all the greatest.
Hope it warms up a bit for this weekend - know you're tired of snow and ice.
I'm wondering about Mandie and hoping she and Jason can spend some precious time together despite the sadness surrounding their Texas visit.

So enjoy each day - bet you're getting excited about your upcoming trip!
Hugs, Mary.