Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Catherine of Aragon is finished, and now I am going back to finish Henry. I so much like doing these ladies. Thanks Angela for the "middle bits". You can see
on this part of the pattern, one of the symbols I will be doing.
After Henry is finished, I am going to try to make myself do some of the symbols. We shall see if I can stick to that idea. Today, Heidi read the biography of Catherine while talking on Skype.
Just incase you think I really do nothing but stitch, I will tell you about my day.
We went out to breakfast, I talked to Heidi on Skype, pulled weeds and helped cut the grass, and did laundry. After that, I went shopping to buy items for the soldiers in Iraq in Mitch's company. My friends have donated money toward the package. I will feature it when I get it all together. Kristen gave me the list of things to send.


Nancy said...

Wow, this is a stunning piece of needlework Nancy! I'm going to go pull weeds in just a few minutes so I can plant some wildflower seeds.

Heidi said...

Great job mother! It is good that you are going back to Henry as you would have to wait until I am back again on Sunday to read the next wife. Who is next by the way???

I have almost finished packing and have two projects to take to the cottage to finish ~ a quilt and a piece of stitching. Who knows...maybe I will have them done on Sunday. :)

My mother pulling weeds? We needed pictures of that event. LOL!

Love and hugs ~

angelasweby said...

Catherine of Aragon looks stunning. What a fast stitcher you are. Am looking forward to henry becoming a whole man at last :>)
Hugs, Angela

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Nancy..that sure is coming along nicely...great work! I bet you'll have fun shopping for the soldiers!

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

First of all: you get a little paw from Lea. Maybe you didn't see her, but she did hear you! (Did I tell you she is blind?) I suppose she was in the garden when you visited us.
Catherine is a very handsome lady, that lion looks dangerous by the way! Good luck with king Henry.

Can you have a rest now? You had quite a programme!
Hugs, Carolien

Solstitches said...

This piece looks better every time I see it.
You are one lightening fast stitcher Nancy.
You may not have been a stitcher for long but you have come a long way in a very short space of time.