Monday, June 30, 2008


I just wanted you to see Catherine Howard is coming along very well. I'm not sure where I will start next. I need to do one of the motifs so I get some done in between wives. The side of her dress is all there is left to do on her. I am not doing any backstitching yet.


Heidi said...

I really like all the purple in her dress! Now you better get some of those motifs done or you will regret it. Then I can read a wife again to you when it is time.

Love and hugs ~

Teresa said...

This is really coming along. Great job! :)

Nancy said...

The more you stitch the more beautiful this becomes! This really is going to be a stunning piece Nancy. I'm so anxious to see it finished! Enjoy.

Linda said...

Nancy...your stitch is just so pretty and moving right a long. This is going to such a treasure. Last night was our stitch night...we spent more time talking and stopping for dessert:)....really didn't accomplish too much but had a good time.

I love your gifts from last post...especially the pin keep. This is something I really want to make. So many project and so little time.

Have a wonderful day....hugs, Linda

Carolien said...

Oh, you are going so fast!!!
(I am a little Grumpy, sewing things and not stitching. It's my own fault, why did I say yes again when they asked me to sew curtains etc.? Sigh. But no, it's all right. In the meantime I can see your beautiful ladies ...)
Happy stitching & hugs, Carolien

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Nancy! That's coming along quite nicely!

It's a bit cooler here today..I hope it stays like this!!

Lilysmom said...

Looking good!

Beatrice said...

I had a look back at your photo' look great with that lawn self propelled ,now if it had a remote control you could sit and stitch while you cut!
Your project is coming along so wonderfully. I love the colours.

Mary said...

Hi dear Nancy - hope you are relaxing now that the hot Summer days are here - be careful with that mower! Bob always does our grass - we're on a slight slope - he comes in wringing wet and I get nervous - aging is not pretty!!

Hope your stitching is going well - come on by and we'll sit in the gazebo with the fan running and ice cold drinks - we can chat and stitch while watching the birds and viewing my pink flowers!

Hope all is well - hugs, Mary.