Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm an talking on Skype with Heidi and Joni, and they want to see Henry so here he is. I am working on his banner now. I have to make myself do some motifs or I won't want to go back to do them all at the end. I am not doing any backstitching yet either.
I'm happy to see a new blog entry from Mandie today. Welcome back Mandie.


angelasweby said...

Well, you really do amaze me Nancy! Every new post is a real treat.
Now Henry's finished, things are really beginning to get exciting.
Warm hugs, Angela

BittersweetPunkin said...

I love the progress Nancy...such an expert hand you have!

I think the Soldiers are going to appreciate all those goodies that you are gathering up for them! You are so thoughtful...I wish there were MORE of you out there!!

Linda said...

Your project is just beautiful and you are making amazing progress.

The packing you are sending to our soliders will be so's a wonderful way of saying thank you for your service and you are not forgotten. Blessings to you. Linda

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I am overwhelmed, that piece is going to be stunning. Every time you show an update I am more and more impressed.

I guess that today is the day to get out my cross stitch.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous Nancy! This is going to be breathtaking!

Kristen said...

Wow, that is coming along very nicely! You are quite the stitcher! WOW!!!

meli said...

wow that looks amazing! well done! you are stitching a different pattern to the one I am doing, though it is obviously by the same people. (In mine I think the figures are larger and are all standing next to each other.) But your pattern looks gorgeous too - the flowers and little figures will look fantastic. I haven't had much time for mine recently (I think it's more a winter project), but I have made some progress since my last photo so you've inspired me to post a progress photo soon. Enjoy it!