Thursday, April 2, 2009


Heidi and Jos are going to celebrate their anniversary on April 4th. Since they are probably going to go to their cottage, I thought I would post this a couple days early. She has now been in Holland, with our Dutchman, a very long time. They are still very happy together and that makes me happy too.
This is one of their wedding pictures, taken on a Merry Go Round in Tampa Florida. It was so much fun to take the pictures and then ride it too. My scanner isn't working right now, so I can't put anymore of the pictures on.
Kristy and Mandie were so small then.
Kristy and Mitch are also having an anniversary this month, theirs is the 3rd. She is in Seattle with Mitch right now. He is training someone to take over for him and then has to go back to Iraq until May. I hope they are having a great time. She just isn't blogging right now at all.
Happy Anniversary to both couples.


onlymehere said...

Happy Anniversary to them too. Ours is coming up in April and it seems like just yesterday that we got married. We'll be celebrating 27 years. Life goes too fast some days (other days I could do without, LOL!).

Glendorn said...

My son's one-year wedding aniversary is today and we are so happy for them! Although she is 39 (almost 40), we're praying for babies soon! Congrats to your very special Heidi and her husband.

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, Heidi's wedding picture is so pretty....continued joy and happiness to her and Jos. I love April, my anniversary is this month too. hugs, Linda

onlymehere said...

I really liked your comment that there should be a mistake in every quilt somewhere! If this is true then my quilts are perfectly done bz there are mistakes! The only points I seem to get perfect are star points and the X-Block quilts, lol! Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for sending Heidi my way. I've really enjoyed her blog and getting to know her! Cindy

Susan in SC said...

Happy Anniversary to Jos and Heidi! I hope they have many, many more!!

Solstitches said...

That is such a great wedding picture. I've never seen anything like that before.
Wishing Heidi and Jos many, many more happy years together.
It was my wedding anniversary yesterday :)