Sunday, April 5, 2009


I have been spending way more time in my sewing room, since I am making the scrapbooks. I decided to help my back and buy a task chair. I was using a dining room chair and it wasn't the right height. I am making 6 of the same cookbooks for my family and now I decided I might want one for myself. Ok, now I have to make more pages and print more pictures and receipes. Oh well, mine doesn't have to be just the same and good thing, I no longer have the same paper.
My friend asked me if I ever read James Patterson books and since I said no, she brought two for me to try. I am reading Beach Road, but so far I am just so so on it. I hope I finish it.

I guess I will get to this one too, however, I bought the newest in paperback Nora Roberts book, and she is my all time favorite. I am also using up my yarn I have laying around and making the poncho in Debbie Macombers knitting book, A Good Yarn. I almost made it a shawl instead but thought no, just do it. (Heidi used to hear that alot from me). I have been wanting to try it. It is Joseph's Coat of Many Colors but, if I like it, I can buy colors I really like. It is a great project for knitting and watching TV. I should have it finished soon and I will show you.


Heidi said...

That new chair looks very comfy! You will be glad you have a good chair and do more in the room now because of it. It does make a difference. I can't wait to see this poncho. At least you are enjoying knitting it but I bet you will like it when it is done too. And now you will have to start making new yarn scraps once again...

Love and hugs ~

Brigitte said...

Good idea to get a new chair. I'm also a lot in front of my desk and I have a task chair as well. It's really very helpful for my back.
I have never read a Patterson book but my friend nows them all and she loves them. I'm curious to know if you liked yours better after a while.

Tam said...

I like the way that chair looks Nancy, nice and comfy! I can't wait to see your new knitting project. My husband likes Patterson's books, but he does like Grisham better.
Thanks for the heads up on the socks thief! ;-)I will need to get a sheep dog to protect my sheep and I'll put the socks on the dog! :D
PS I think I bought that Red Heart sock yarn at one of the chain "big box" craft supply stores. I buy most of my sock yarn online.

onlymehere said...

I've never read his books or Nora Roberts. I used to love Mary Higgins Clark but then she got so cheesy once her daughter started writing with her. I have a lot of trouble reading lately. I'm sure much of it is the fact that I work on a computer all day. I have an eye appointment coming up and I'm hoping we can get some new glasses to take care of this problem. Seems when I complain doctors just say "you are over 40 now." I really hate that phrase, LOL! I can hardly wait to see the poncho. I tried knitting once but just couldn't get the hang of it and my work didn't look very good so I didn't stick with it. I admire your many talents.

Sweetie said...

The new chair does look comfy. I wonder if it would work as a computer desk chair. I am throwing mine out when the borough has "clean up day." I have never read any James Patterson books - but could always try. I'm anxious to see the finished poncho. Your cookbooks could probably make it on the best seller list if they were ever published. I hope within a few weeks that I'll be back in the real swing of blogging. There are just too many things going on in my life. I need some "down" time.

Linda said...

Nancy, your new chair looks like it's very comfy and good for your back too.
I feel the same way about Patterson, some of his books I really like and others I just pass daughter love his style and reads everything he writes. I just bought Tribute too and did you see D.M.'s Twenty Wishes is in paper's is really good..Have a happy day, hugs, Linda

Saskia said...

O, a new chair is on my wishlist too. When I move to my new house, one room will be the study/sewingroom and there has to be a new deskchair in it. I use a dining chair now, but that one has to stay in the livingroom after I moved.
Love the books of nora roberts, there are two new translations in Dutch, only I don't have the time jet. Maybe in the summer.
I love the wedding photo of Jos and Heidi. Young and Beautiful (they still are!)