Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Many of you know how my little Great Granddaughter, Zoe, has me wrapped around her finger. She wears a school uniform now and this is one of the colors she can wear. I have been working on her sweater and kept putting it aside to work on other things. Finally it is finished.
When I was talking to her on the phone on the weekend, she mentioned that she wanted this Barbie doll. She told me she wanted it for her birthday, but of course I went out to buy it. It was on clearance, so probably a good thing I didn't wait. I will be mailing it on Thursday probably. Her birthday is not until August. Now on to the next project.


Heidi said...

Next project??? You mean Button Up??? :-)

Zoe's sweater turned out really nice and she will love it just like the Barbie. I think you should tell her when she puts the sweater on, her Gramma Great is hugging her.

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

How fun for her and what a find to get the perfect doll she wanted. This sweater will mean so much more to her since you made it. We almost had a little Zoe but Brianna has finally decided to name her baby to be Bailee Kamrynn. I'm so excited for her to get here in April!

Carolien said...

Lucky Zoe!!!

Hugs, Carolien

Saskia said...

That's a great present to get!
A sweater and a barbie.
not even for her birthday, but just because she's loved.

Tam said...

Wonderful gifts, what a beautiful sweater Nancy!

barbi said...

Oh, I want one Aunt Nancy!! Not the Barbie doll, the sweater, it looks so cozy and warm, it's just beautiful!!

Love, Barbi

Linda said...

What a pretty looks cozy. Zoe will love it and her Barbie, you are a very sweet Granma...hugs, Linda

angelasweby said...

Nancy, I absolutely love the sweater you made for Zoe. it's one of my favourite colours. She's going to feel so special wearing it at school.
What a lovely gramma great you are :>) I'm sure you got as much pleasure buying Zoe the Barbie doll as she wil have playing with it.
Hugs Angela :>)

Terri said...

You should make Barbie a matching sweater! That would be soooooo cool!

Amy Marie said...

Your granddaugthers and great-grandchildren are so lucky to have you! The sweater is super cute. Zoe will love it!

Elly said...

Yes! Nancy found her needles again! The sweater looks great and is your next project a schooluniform for the Barbie? My children alway liked it when I made the same clothes for them and the dolls or bears.
Hugs en groetjes, Elly