Saturday, February 6, 2010


Kristen, my Granddaughter, held a craft auction and crock pot cook off today at her church. I packed a suitcase with crafts and also one with clothes of course and got on the train. The proceeds will all go to Haiti. New Hope Baptist Church is located in Watertown, New York. She put this together in only a week. The missionary group will be leaving soon for Haiti.
$1200.00 was raised. It was a big success.
One of our blogging friends, My Hidden Stash, lives across the border in Canada. I told her I would be here for this event and said it would be fun if she could come.
It was great to meet and spend some time with her. It is nice to put a face to a person we blog with. Thanks for coming today Janet. I also got to hold your traveling sock.


Carolien said...

What a great initiative and a stunning result! Hat off for Kristen ... And how sweet of you to go and add your handmade things as well!
Nice you could meet your friend too.

Have a nice Sunday & hugs, Carolien

Heidi said...

Congratulations Ditty! And I am glad you got to meet FFF mother. I want to see you holding that traveling sock. Did you take a picture?

Love and hugs ~

Susan in SC said...

Good for Kristen putting actions to her words and passion! How wonderful!!

onlymehere said...

That truly is a wonderful thing your friend did and I know help is certainly needed. It's a wonderful bonus to meet a blogging buddy too! Good for you. I so admire how you travel so much when you're needed (wanted, just want to, or for whatever reason!).

Sonja said...

What a great job Kristen did with raising so much money for Haiti!
And isn't the Internet a wonderful thing to meet new friends. Good for you and Janet!

Sonja said...

P.S. What is a traveling sock?

hazel said...

Well done to Kristen for raising such a huge amount also yourself for contributing and helping on the day.

Hope you are keeping well Nancy.
Love Hazel (UK)

Linda said...

What a thoughtful and caring grandaughter Kristen is. She raised a amazing amount for such a worthy cause.

How fun to meet a fellow I'm going to try and figure out the traveling sock, Janet must be a knitter...hugs, Linda

prape said...

Hi Aunt Nancy,
What a nice thing for Kristen to do and you also for going and taking crafts! Kristen gets all that talent and organization from her Grandma!!!

Mary said...

That was a wonderful thing to do and having you there to support her must have made Kristen so happy.

Glad you met a blog friend - that's always fun.

Stay warm and safe - a lot of snow may be coming your way Nancy.