Monday, February 15, 2010


I didn't take these pictures, but we just came in from the store and oh boy is it ever getting bad out. It is very slippery on the side roads. I worry about Eric out in the truck and Bill coming home from work soon. The weather forecast says we will get an inch an hour. These pictures are just what we are seeing.
The salt trucks are out, but it is coming down very fast. We are supposed to get about eight inches overnight. Holy cow, is it ever going to end?????
I am so ready for spring. It is also very cold here in Ohio. In the teens most of the time right now. Hope you are all having better luck.


Linda said...

Hi Nancy, we've had tons of rain but it's pretty today, mid 60's and lots of trees are beginning to burst with blooms....Snow is so beautiful but I hope Mother nature sends some sunny days your way. Until then stay warm and cozy. hugs, Linda

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

I could have written that post Replace Ohio with: Holland and some names :) Apart from that ... sharing it completely! Spring, where are you?!

Despite the weather: have a nice day & hugs,

onlymehere said...

This last picture is amazing! I love how it caught the snow coming down. I too start to wonder this time of year if the snow will ever end. I think you've had more than us though. It snowed yesterday for just a little bit but I didn't mind bz I didn't have anywhere to go. I worry about my loved ones too when the weather is bad and they're out in it. I hope it stops snowing there soon and that it didn't bury you too much. I'll take the rain any day over snow, lol!

Brigitte said...

Oh Nancy, I can easily feel with you. It's the same here. Yesterday we had the first day without new snow after two weeks. Like you I'm more than ready for spring.

Heidi said...

I say have snow instead of rain. We had a little snow shower again today and I still enjoy each flake as it dances to the ground. I still say that the snow fairies are going to continue giving you supply until you get out there and build a big and beautiful snowman! :-)

Love and hugs ~

Zlaty said...

Wow pretty pictures, but probably it's nice to stay in and keep warm! We got some snow furies today.

I am ready for Spring!

Tam said...

I think what hit you yesterday is hitting us today but it sounds like in a calmer version...still snowing with about an additional 4" so far...yup! I'm ready for spring now.
Stay warm Nancy!

Amy Marie said...

Isn't it crazy Aunt Nancy? Poor Lily has been sick for over a week and hasn't even been able to play in it!