Friday, January 4, 2008


This is a picture of my Grandaughters,my Grandson and my Greatgrandchildren and me on Christmas Eve.
We took a similar picture a couple years ago, and I had requests to have it taken again. I am so blessed to have all of them and we had a wonderful time together.


Heidi said...

You forgot Jazzy!!! How silly since she adores her grandmother. :) It looks really nice and I know you had a great time.

Love and hugs ~

Nancy said...

Sorry Jazzy, You are a beautiful little doggy and I didn't mean to leave you out.

Teresa said...

You have a beautiful family! Happy New Year to you.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Love that family photo...and I loved hearing Louis sing to me!!

angelasweby said...

Oh Nancy
What a lovely photograph. You really are a very handsome family. It's a really special memento and something to treasure always.
What a treat to be able to photograph 3 generations :>)
Hugs, Angela

Barbara said...

What a wonderful Family photo.

Hugs, Barbara

Carolien said...

Lovely picture of you and your family! Nice to see you!

Greetings, Carolien

Nancy said...

What a beautiful photo Nancy! No wonder you're smiling. What a nice family, and I like all the red too!

Lilysmom said...

Of course everyone is so good looking in that family! And you are my family! Oh I'm so lucky. You all look wonderful. It's hard to remember to take these kinds of pictures in the hussle of the holiday. Glad you did it!

Kathy A. said...

What a lovely family portrait. You mentioned your husband having a huge map of Holland to stitch. If you go to
you will see that my BFF Beatrice is working on that map and it is truly lovely. Maybe the two of them could do a SAL. LOL

Mandie said...

Hey Gramma! only one thing missing from that picture...Jason. oops I lied...2 things. Papa george too! :o) I was glad we took them so that I now have pictures to share with Jason. Love you!!!!!!!


Regina said...

Hello Nancy
What a loveley family photo.
And the sweater in a older post are
so beautiful.
Best wishes for 2008

Beatrice said...

I love that your husband is stitching the map as well . Put a picture of it on your blog we can SAL on it.
Say hello for me.!
Lovely photo of the family.

Beatrice said...

Reading your comment I see Your husband hasn't started the map. Show him mine and get him going...LOL
I also have a dog named Jazzy!

Christine said...

Lovely family with such beautiful smiles. I think a wonderful photo like that should be an annual tradition in your home.

Hugs and kisses to little Jazzy. Too cute!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a lovely family you have and Jazzy is cute as a button! Thank you for sharing the picture of yourself and your family. It is always a wonderful treat to have a face to the lovely heart behind the blog.


Vicki said...

Hi Nancy, the Christmas Eve photo is wonderful and you look great. I haven't finished looking at all of your blog, I got side tracked by Heidi' blog. You are all so talented, even Bill.