Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This is my project I am working on right now. I am working now on the second light green strip. I have one more strip of tan and it is done. I will then be putting it together with chrocheting. I will show it when I have it done and I am really ready for it to be done NOW.
I don't like doing afghans, and this is the third one I have done like this


Kristen said...

Very nice Gramma! I am sure that Bully will bundle up in this in his house. It is coming along quite nicely! The way you knit, it will be done in no time flat! Love you!


Solstitches said...

It looks quite an interesting pattern as seems to be done in long strips a bit like a mile a minute crochet afghan?
I'm sure it will be lovely when finished.


Carolien said...

I'm eager to see the result, Nancy! I love this green colour.

Many Dutch greetings, Carolien

Mandie said...

Awe...but we LOOOOVVVEEEE your afghans!!! :o) They are soooo warm and snugly! This one looks like it will be just as nice as the one I got from you! i love the light green! Mine is Cream & brown rather than Green and Tan & i just LOOOOVVVVEEEE IT!!!!! And you!


BittersweetPunkin said...

I'm sure someone will cherish it though...I have quite a few from various Grandmothers and I am glad because I don't know how to knit or crochet....

angelasweby said...

Nancy, this looks amazing. I am really looking forward to seeing it completed :>)
Hugs, Angela

Mary said...

Dear Nancy - every day I check your blog and for some reason it's been coming up at a post back in Dec. I was about to ask you if you were so busy putting the snow people away that you had no time to post!

Sorry I've left no comments when you are always so generous with yours. Anyway, now I see that great pic of you all at Kristen's - lovely - and feel better knowing you are out there, and singing "it's a lovely day in the neighborhood".

Stay warm - enjoy the day. Off to write Heidi now.

david santos said...
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Heidi said...

Looking good mother! I love the sage green in it. Is this the same yarn from the other ones? Did you have that much left over? How many strips do you have to make or is this the last one and then an edging? Bully will love it.

Love and hugs ~

Christine said...

Ohhh this is interesting! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Happy crocheting Nancy!