Friday, January 25, 2008


Bill, sitting in his sweater he knitted, is here knitting again while waiting for time to leave for work. He wants to try different patterns and this one is for, yes Heidi, for you.

He is planning the next thing in his head as he is knitting away. He has lots of ideas, so I told him he better design his own projects.
As before, perfect stitches Bill. Good work.


Anonymous said...

O dear, I can't believe Bill is knitting this. I like the pattern very much, it looks very difficult. I used to knit sweaters for the children many years ago but never with this pattern. Lucky Heidi, is it ready when you come to Holland?
Groetjes, Elly

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy and Bill,

What a beautiful pattern! Love the colour too. It's sad my name isn't Heidi! LOL
Keep up the good work, Bill, you're a master!!!

Nancy, the Noah part was sent to me by a friend. I don't know the author's name. I like the 10th also very much.
Have a nice weekend!
Greetings, Carolien

Teresa said...

The knitting is beautiful and what a lovely color. Great job Bill!
Nancy, you have a very talented family!

Mandie said...

Alright...he needs to just stop it! He's showing us all up! LOL I'm kidding! It's gorgeous! Good job Bully! :o)

Joni said...

What a lovely job Bill is doing! In case he ever wants to make another one, my favorite color is dark red! Heidi gets all the good stuff! Now, Nancy, your husband is George so who is Bill? Just call me nosy Joni... LOL

Solstitches said...

Hi Nancy,
Oh no, does this mean you have to share your stash of yarns with Bill?
Lucky Heidi! This afghan is going to be beautiful.
Does Bill crochet too I wonder?


Nancy said...

Good work is right - what amazing knitting skills! I can't wait to see how this looks finished. Lucky Heidi!

Heidi said...

A scarf...for ME??? :)

Thanks already Bully cause it is looking soooo good! Scarves are a great thing to try designs out on sooooooooooooo..........

Love and hugs ~

Kristen said...

Oh my, this is beautiful!! BULLY,,,,,,,,, I AM CLOSER..... AND I LOVEEEEEEEEE THAT PATTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I LOVE YOU HEIDI.... TEE HEE.....