Sunday, July 27, 2008


Every year we have a big festival here in Canton. Four times, weather permitting, we have a balloon fest. This year 72 balloons were launched. We had some some storms and hail but not at the times of launchings. I always make George go out chasing the balloons. We ended up in about 5 spots this year to get the best views.

This is one of the cute shape balloons we had here this year.

A group I managed to take. Sometimes it isn't easy getting them close together. The USA shape balloon is coming into view at the left.

More coming in for the contest they have where they have to drop an object on to a target. I took about 50 pictures but won't bore you with more. LOL.


BittersweetPunkin said...

I went to a Balloon Festival in Colorado was so neat!!! I have never been up in one though..not sure if I want to, LOL!!

Nancy said...

This must be pretty amazing to see Nancy! Thanks for sharing your photos. I would love to see more. I think the last photo is my favorite with the clouds.

Linda said...

Morning Nancy...what an awesome site....I loved seeing your pictures and would enjoy more too.

I clicked on all the pictures...the ballons are so colorful...I especially like the USA one too. Hugs, Linda

Rhondi said...

What an amazing site to see. we went to one once but the weather turned bad and so they never took off!

Heidi said...

Poor George havng to go outside and chase balloons for you! LOL! I think they need to make an Amish buggy balloon. Wouldn't that be cute! Are you going to see the parade too or is it over?

Hugs ~

Christine said...

How fun! I love the Mr. Potato Head balloon. Hope you enjoyed the day.

Brigitte said...

Nancy, this seems to be a real fun day. I loved the pictures with all the balloons.

Congratulations on your scrapbooking - what a wonderful album you compiled. The little princess will be very happy with it.

I was shocked to see your Henry almost finished, lol. You're such a fast stitcher, I wish I could stitch that fast. Looking forward to see him and his wives with the border and framed. Such a wonderful project!

Mandie said...

Ohhhhhhh....I miss HOF days! :o( I love seeing the balloons and going to the rib cookoff! *sniff sniff* I need to come home soon!

Love you and miss you ALL!
(Zoe and Jason too!)

Kristen said...

Ohhh, I missed it again!!! YIKES!!! Ok, that just wasn't meant to be! It looks beautiful!!!

Saskia said...

Hi Nancy,
All those balloons brings back good memories.
When I made a trip from LA to New Orleans, we stopped in Alberquerque when there was a balloon festival. We took a balloon ride, and it was so great. When you are up in the air with al those balloons it is breath taking.
I felt on top of the world.