Thursday, July 10, 2008


Another wife finished tonight. Meet Anne Boyeln. I did a few of the motifs also so they are not all waiting until the wives are finished. The next wife will be Anne of Cleves. Get ready to read Heidi.
To answer your question on my comments last entry Heidi, I did cut the grass, I finished the book this morning and started 13 and I am nearly half way through it also. I actually do need talking books though.


Nancy said...

Nancy this is just beautiful! It must be so fun stitching with all these wonderful colors. You're doing a very nice job!

Heidi said...

You are leaving all us veteran stitchers in the dust mother. I think she looks really great. How many motifs are there on this pattern? Do you have many of them stitched now? You make me feel like I am so slow with all this done AND all that reading too.

Love and hugs ~

Solstitches said...

You're making such great progress Nancy. Who would have thought you are a new cross stitcher working on this major work.
Congratulations! You are a natural.

BittersweetPunkin said... are doing great...such patience you must have! I hope you are having a restful summer!
Have a great weekend!

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy, I think it's a pity women don't wear that kind of beautiful dresses anymore! I immediately add to this that I love to wear trousers myself and dresses and skirts only in summer (yes, my allergy for tights), but when you see this you ask yourself why 'culture' has been gone in such a great extent ...
Sorry for my ponderings like this, I just want to say: the ladies look beautiful! Hugs, Carolien

Mary said...

Nancy this is looking really beautiful now - what a great job you are doing.

Right now I've books everywhere and can't seem to finish the first one! The hazy, lazy days of Summer have yet to arrive - I always seem to have so many other things to do and sitting quietly reading doesn't happen much. Maybe I need to stay off this bye for now!!!

Happy weekend.