Thursday, July 17, 2008


Tonight I finished Anne of Cleves. The last wife I have to stitch is Catherine Parr. I did the palace before starting this wife. I am going to do a few more motifs then Catherine. The border will be quite a challenge, and I also have the shield to stitch below the banner.


Christine said...

Hi Nancy!! I'm finally fixed or at least half fixed. Anyhow look at you go on the cross stitch!! Wow! I'm very impressed. You are doing an excellent job. I just love British history so I think this one is wonderful. Are you trading in the knitting needles for a cross stitch needle? :-)

Heidi said...

Hello Anne of Cleves! Only one more story to go now too mother. I am going to miss reading the histories to you when you finish this. You will have to find something historical to work on. How about all my Ohio samplers??? You can stitch them for me??? :)

Love and hugs ~

Teresa said...

You are doing such a fine job of this piece. I love the colors, so rich and royal. Have a great weekend.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

It's hard to know what to say...mere words just don't seem to be enough to express how beautiful the work is and how impressed I am.

Nancy said...

Nancy this is so gorgeous! You are definitely a natural at stitching, and aren't you glad you decided to do this? It will be your masterpiece when you finish, and I can't wait to see it!

Have a stitchy weekend!

Linda said...

Nancy this is awesome! You are an amazing stitcher and this piece will be a wonderful family treasure. Have a lovely Sunday...hugs, Linda

angelasweby said...

Nancy, hi there,
It's amazing watching this sampler come to life. Your cross stitching experience goes from strength to strength and what a bonus having such an exciting insight into the life of Henry and his wives as you go along. There's nothing like a good story to spur you on.
Warm hugs, Angela

tkdchick said...

What a lovely piece!

Tanya said...

Oh this is fantastic! I'm on an Elizabeth I kick - saw THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL film recently and well, can't get enough of Brit History lately. This design is wonderful - you're getting there!