Friday, October 12, 2007

Glass display dollhouse

This is a cross stitched rug that George did for me. There is a story behind it. Years ago, I bought this kit and gave it to Heidi to do for me. Wellllll, needless to say, Heidi is backed up
on to do's. She gave it back for George to do and this is the result. I treasure it so much, I
keep it standing in the back of the glass house rather than putting furniture on it.

This is one of my major splurges. I was in the Dollhouse Museum in Washington DC. I looked
at it and walked away several times. It was toooo much money but I did it. It has a Cameo on
the top of the little wooden case. For the picture, I sat it on one of Heidi's bobbin lace pieces.

This is the case. It sits on an iron base in my diningroom. I can see it everyday. I wish I could
keep all of them in places so easy to see.

This is the inside of one half of the display. I wanted to show a closer view.

This a greenhouse I put together. I made the flower pots but I found the unfinished case
at a craft store and painted it. It works well beside one of the houses.

This is a closer look at the inside. I will feature more dollhouses on another post.
Hope you are enjoying them


Nunnie's Attic said...

I have got to get my mom onto this blog. She just showed me her progression in her own dollhouse tonight as a matter of fact. It's huge and a house I wouldn't mind having in real life!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely treat it is being able to share this amazing collection you have, Nancy! I can see why you could not resist the case of jewellery, it's stunning. I love the beautiful scene in the glass house, the detail of the costumes and all the tiny furniture, it's like peeping into a very wealthy family home over from 100 years ago. The rug George sttiched is absolutely gorgeous.
Hugs, Angela

Kristen said...

Yet another beautiful display of doll houses! You are just too clever! Love you!

Heidi said...

You are a gardener after all mother. Look, you even have your own greenhouse ~ LOL!

Great job on the rug George! Glad I didn't have to do it after all. I have enough to do.

Love and hugs ~