Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Dollhouse Collection

This is the first of my several dollhouses. They were all constructed by special people in my life.
This one was made by my first husband Bill, and my son, Bill. It was finished while Bill senior was very ill with cancer. It will always be very special to me.

This is the top floor, it is the children's room, the hall and the maids room. I made the maids outfit. Her furniture is from the USA except for the sewing machine that has moving parts. Most of the furniture in the children's room is from Holland. Heidi made the rug in the hall and the one in the kid's room.

The bathroom fixtures are from Holland. The kitchen is a mix. The maid is from here and so is the phone.

The livingroom is also a mix. The dollhouse shops in Holland loved to see me come in .
The diningroom is mostly USA. My sister made the tablecloth and any other doilies you see. She died so they cannot be replaced. They are very precious.

Needless to say, this doll represents Heidi, my lacemaker. I made the outfit for the doll, but Heidi did the lace cushion and it is just like hers. The book is Heidi, and she has her tea set, because Heidi loves tea. Hope you enjoy seeing this entry. I will post other houses later.


Kristen said...

I love your dollhouses! I remember seeing them all over when I was younger and looking at them for such a long time (I KNEW better than to touch them!) :) They are wonderful and hearing about how Grampa spent so much time on them makes them even more special!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nancy,
You cannot believe how much pleasure the pictures of your dollshouse gave me. I enlarged them and enjoyed all the wonderful details that make it such a very special treasure. The Lacemaker doll and book of Heidi are especially clever details.

Although I have never had a dolls house I have always loved them and seeing your house reminded me of a favourite book from years ago called Tottie by Rumar Godden. I don't know if you know it but it's about two young girls whose dolls want a house of their own. One day an old doll's house is found in a great aunt's attic.There re some wonderful descriptions of how the house is cleaned and the old furniture repaired before the dolls can move in Later, when the dolls are settled, a dramatic story unfolds involving the dolls and their cruel governess, Marchpane. It's a wonderful story.
Thanks so much for reminding me about it :>)I can't wait to see your other houses.
Hugs, Angela

Nancy said...

Angela, I told Heidi, you need a blog. I would love to be able to see things you have too. I have never heard of that book. I hope you come back to my comments.

Heidi said...

See mother, I am there with you all the time! Just look on the porch of your dollhouse. This always brings back memories of taking you and Dad to the shop in Apeldoorn where the lady even crawled into her window to get you the things you liked. Wasn't that the neatest shop!

Love and hugs ~