Monday, October 8, 2007

Heidi and Me

This is a picture of me in Seiffen Germany. This is taken on the steps of one of the shops

This is Heidi quilting at her cottage. I will add more family pictures in the future entries


Anonymous said...

Oh Nancy, I am SO pleased to meet you and Heidi :>) It really makes such a difference seeing you both as I now really feel as if we know each other. I am always surprised when I finally see people as they are never, not even near, the way I imagine them...LOL You both look so lovely. Thank you so much for the pictures.
Boy, oh boy do I love the look of that shop in Germany. It's definitely my kind of shop :>)
Hugs, Angela

Mary said...

Nancy - great to see both you and Heidi - I enjoy both your posts and I love to see Heidi's needlework - she is so talented.

Looks like you visit in Winter - are you going over this year by chance?

Kristen said...

Hey, you two look familiar! :) I miss you both very much! Love you! Kristy

Amanda said...

HI!!! Yay! Pictures of my fam-ba-lee! :o) Zoe and I miss all of you!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Nancy! Well, it is so nice to meet you and also get to see what you and Heidi look like! I love having a face to the wonderful blogs! Infact, I think I recognize that quilt she is tediously working on! I will have to go over to visit Kristy..I think that her link may be on one of these comments..?? Will see! I will add you to my list and will be back! Becky in California

Nancy said...

Hi Nancy,

It's good to see a picture of you and one of Heidi quilting! Thanks for sharing them. The necklace in a previous post made by your Great Granddaughter is gorgeous. Such talent! And, isn't Amish country beautiful? I used to visit Lancaster, PA and always enjoyed it.