Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Need Gnomes for your Toadstools Heidi?

Ok Heidi, I cannot lend you the big cement house I painted, because it weighs a ton.
If you need some gnomes for under your toadstools, this is only a small portion of
my gnome collection.

These gnomes are from everywhere, some are from Holland and you will probably
recognize them Heidi. The garden gnomes George bought for me at KMart.

This is the famous Forest Gnome and a real treasure I found at Marc's. A little large, but
I couldn't pass him up. There are more on my sideboard at the back entry, and of course
I have all my Tom Clark gnomes in a curio cabinet.


Anonymous said...

Congretulations on your new Blog! Love to be able to see things from your house and your world. This way I can see things, without crossing the ocean. groetjes Sonja!

Heidi said...

Well, I think the real gnomes really do live in the toadstools here. They just hide whenever we are looking.

Love and hugs ~


Mary said...

Welcome Nancy!
Heidi told me you were now blogging so I'm enjoying reading through your posts. Can understand how Heidi is so talented with her needle now!! I love to visit and hear from her - she always says the sweetest things, and I love to learn more about living in Holland.
Know you must miss her but glad to hear you get to visit often. My dear Mother came over from England many a time to visit me here - I miss that so much now she is gone.

Thank you for commenting on my blog - I've been trying to keep it interesting. I'll be off to England soon and hope to take lots of pics to share later.
Looking forward to reading more about life in Ohio - enjoy the Fall and tell all those gnomes to behave or they might be shipped to Amersfoort!
Have a good week.
Hugs - Mary.

Kristen said...

You know I love your gnomes! That large one from Marc's is great! Heidi's gnomes are on vacation in Ohio! :) Hi Sonja!

Anonymous said...

Wow Nancy,
Your gnome collection is e gnomeous
haha! Seriously, it's just amazing and so effective when they are all in the setting of a little village. How nice to have gnomes that have a little memory attached to them.
Hugs, Angela