Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Necklace

I just had to tell you about this necklace since it is so special to me. It was made by Haali,
my Great Grandaughter. She is very into making jewerly, and very good at it. The stone
was found, polished and set by Kristy's Father-in-Law. He has an extensive collection of
rocks and let me pick some to mount. This one looks like a tree, I hope the pictures lets
you see that. The round beads were found in Joann Fabrics by Mitchell, my Great Grandson,
and they matched it perfectly. I am so proud of it, and I can't tell you how many people stop
me to ask about it. I am so proud to tell how it came to be.

The black beads are magnetic. I am never without magnetic jewelry. I wear it all day, night and to bed. I take it off only for baths. I have arthritis, and I love to knit, before the magnetic jewelry, I had to wear gloves and my hands woke me up at night hurting. I can't say whether they will work for everyone, but I will never again be without them. I wear and ankle braclet and braclets on both arms, unless i have a watch on. The do not argree with watches. Maybe the magnetic therapy will work for you. I also have a bloodstone ring and pendant made by the same man. That is my real March birthstone and I lost one my Grandmother gave me. I thought I would never have another one. Thanks to him, I have two.


Anonymous said...

Your piece of jewellery is really beautiful.I love the textured look of the stone and, how nice that so many members of your family have contributed to it's creation.
I have collected interesting looking stones and crystals for many years and feel there are certain healing qualities in some of them. I have a good friend who, like you, wears her magnetic jewellry all the time and is sure her arthritis has improved because of this :>)
Hugs, Angela

Heidi said...

I can't remember if you wore this last time you visited? Did I see this before? Haali does a great job and I love the bracelet she made for me.

Love and hugs ~


Nancy said...

No Heidi, I didn't have it then.
Love Mom

Kristen said...

The kids are both beaming that you are proud of the necklace they worked on for you. It is beautiful! I will forward you blog to Dad so he can see the the necklace now. :) LOVE YOU!!!