Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Fall Fun Items

I would like you to meet Matilda. This is a small quilt created for me by Heidi.
Many times Heidi has pressed her desire to have her back in Holland, but this witch
just doesn't leave Ohio. She did return briefly in my suitcase for Heidi's quilt show.

Another creation by Heidi, is this tick tack toe game. I kind of conned it out of her.
Isn't it just the cutest thing you ever saw? It is on my dining room table right now.
Want to try a game?

I should have closed to door when I took this photo, as you can see, my broom
(bought for me by Heidi) and my witches hat is ready at a moments notice to
fly out of here. Sorry Kristy!


Heidi said...

We just talked about that tic~tac~toe quilt tonight at my quilt group. Bep asked me where mine was. LOL!

Remember Uncle Jim's face when I came in with that broom as a gift for you? It was a picture! He looked like 'most kids would bring their mother's flowers or candy, but.....'.

Love and hugs ~


Anonymous said...

I love those mini quilts. heidi is not only talented but so generous too. I am so happy to have won one of her little pincushions :>)
I love the broom and hat, my sister has similar ones as they always have a Halloween party at her school in Cyprus. She loves to go dressed as a witch. The pumpkin looks very dramatic too.
Hugs, Angela

Kristen said...

Ok, gramma, i don't mind that hat if you show up at my door in it. :) ???? That worked well last year! I LOVE the quilts! The tic-tac-toe is precious! I even like Matilda, even though I am not big on witches. Oh so cute!