Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our Amish Bedroom

Our bedroom is all Amish decor. This is a quilt that Heidi made several years ago. One of her
first. I have several Amish dolls. Kristy bought me some wooden items, my cousin bought me
some of the cloth dolls I have. George made the shelf, and I painted it. He cut out the houses for me to paint and glue onto it.

The two cross stitches are ones that Heidi did. The top one is called sisters. It is a P.Buckley
Moss design. Heidi says I took it right out of her house, but I am sure she made it for me. haha.
The long one is all amish scenes. The other is a picture I bought.

The top picture is a cross stitch done by my husband George. He worked on it here and in
Holland. I really love it. The bottom is a picture I painted. The ceiling in this room is navy
blue (sky) with stars that light up after leaving the lights on for a time. This idea is from Heidi's house, her guest room is done this way. Bill did it for me. I have Amish border up. I am working on an amish quilt but I am not handquilting it. I am not Heidi, mine will be done with buttons


Nunnie's Attic said...

I love it! The picture of the 3 Amish women, your husband did that?? My goodness! Talent just runs ramped in your family doesn't it??

When you say that your are making a quilt with buttons, what does that mean??


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Nancy,
I LOVE your painting. It is so atmospheric. I love the snow against the blue river....brrr. It's really hard to paint snow. Your family is so talented. The cross stitch by George fits in so well. I love all the Amish dolls and clothes. I bought a little rag faceless Amish doll when we were in America in 1996.I cherish it. Lovely quilt and cross stitch from Heidi.
It's so nice to see how much Heidi's presence is still in your home.
Hugs, Angela

Kristen said...

I love quilts with buttons on them. It will be adorable. I am getting the quilting itch again and I don't when I will have time to do that as well, but I suppose I will make time, right! :) Love you and great pics by the way!