Sunday, October 5, 2008


My little Snowman family is moving right along. If I wouldn't have left them home when I went on our trip, they might be much farther along.

Margaret, one of my one stitching friends suggested I name the Snowmen. I am asking if any of you have good names to give these guys. Starting at the top left, I will number them 1 thru 6 on the top row, then 7 thru 11 on the bottom. If you pick a name for one or more, just leave a number in the comments and the name.

Unless I hear something I like better, I think I am going to name number 6 Sherlock, and number 10 Mortimer and 11 Mr. Rogers cause he is wearing a sweater. Hey, I have to see if Mr. Rogers had a D in his name. Hummmmm. Bet Heidi knows. Ok, any names you like I will appreciate. I will let you know if I pick your name.
Edit; these are names chosen so far and why:

1. Charlie Brown (Charlie Brown's Christmas tree) 2. Edgar (Edgar Allen Poe)
3. Paul (Paul Revere) 4. Jos (the tour guide) 5. Huckleberry (Looks like a bear) 6. Sherlock (Hat and pipe)
7. Max Snowbunny's Friend (Bunny) 8. Bosley (Sweetie's choice) 9. George (because Heidi says so ) 10. Sprinkle, Zoe says, he is sprinkled with snow 11. Mr. Rogers (For his Sweater)
These are subject to change.


Anonymous said...

e second snowman from the left on the top row looks like a Huckleberry.


Barbara said...

Nancy, I like the new look of your Blog. I'm looking at your snowmen and thinking of names! I like your witch banner that Heidi made.


Sweetie said...

Your snowman family is adorable. How about Bosley for Snowman #2?

Teresa said...

Snowman 2 looks like he has a raven. I would name him Edgar after Edgar Allen Poe.

Snowman 3 has a lantern so I would name him Paul after Paul Revere. Remember one if by land and two if by sea.

Number 7 with the bunny reminds me a Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit.

Good luck with the names!


Anonymous said...

#7 is Snowbunnie's Friend

Kristen said...

They are adorable and I think number 11 should be Max! :) tee hee!!!

Linda said...

Cute snowmen and I think their names are great. Hugs, Linda

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love your blog so many great things...m..

Mandie said...

Gramma, Zoe says that #3 needs to be named "Sprinkle" she says because she is made out of snow sprinkles. She says she likes the Hat it is very nice and she says she loves your sewing and she loves that you give her chocolate chip cookies. HA HA HA Can you tell i typed that Verbatum :o) See you tomorrow!!! Love you