Monday, October 27, 2008


Our Cleveland weather man says we will have snow tomorrow and the sky is showing it big time. Our current temperature is 41 degrees. I am not looking forward to winter. I never drive in snow, so soon I will be hybernating unless I have a driver. (George)

Since my feet are feeling very chilly, today I got my yarn and knitting needles out.

Here they are, on my feet and quite compfy. Did you ever make yourself slippers. Try them. A couple hours of work and there they are.


Barbara said...

Nancy, I love your slippers, they are so cute and look so comfy. I've never knitted slippers. Guess I need to look for a pattern.
I hope the weatherman is wrong! It is cold, cold, cold here. We had frost last night and all my beautiful flowers have died.

Terri said...

There was an old Norweigan lady that used to knit us slippers like that. We wore them out from wearing them so often! She just smiled and made us more. She was a lovely woman...what a happy memory you brought back for me! thank you!

onlymehere said...

My mother-in-law crochets slippers and they are the most comfy slippers and so warm! I don't drive much at night anymore bz the vision in my right eye is bad and can't seem to hold to a prescription so I know what you mean about hibernating, that's why I took up quilting!

Anonymous said...

Nancy,it's the same temperature here,and I'am very lucky I have two drivers (gerard & saskia)LOL.Your slippers looks great,and yes I will try them.I'am glad that they didn'tkeep you in Salem,don't go again,who knows??

Carolien said...

O Nancy, dear memories for me! When I was a little child my great-aunt (who looked after us when my mother had died) used to knit slippers for me. Blue ones, with red borders and she even sewed little flowers on them. You don't realise as a child how special it was that she made them for me! I wish I still had a worn pair of them, but I don't. I do have a picture though with me wearing them ... Precious memory.
Your slippers look so comfy and cosy, I love them! Your toes must be singing while wearing them!!! :)

I hope the snow will wait a little , but I fear ... Take care & hugs, Carolien

Solstitches said...

Did I ever make slippers? This question makes me smile as I went to school in the days when knitting was taught at around age seven.
We were to kinit slippers in a horrid brown scratchy yarn. I remember making one but what happened to the other? Maybe I moved on to another class LOL.
Your slippers are lovely Nancy. I wouldn't mind knitting a pair all these years later. What weight of yarn are they?

Sweetie said...

Nancy, Thanks for telling me about your tulips. Now I'll tell you about slippers. My mother knew how to knit - but all she knitted were slippers. My daughters, my sister, and I loved them. Mom kept us all supplied when my daughters were younger.

Mary said...

Hi dear Nancy - I'm back and looking at your posts from Myrtle Beach etc. Know you had a great time with the family despite cool weather.

Now here you are knitting Winter slippers and getting ready to hibernate - it sounds early but let's face it cuddling up in the warmth of one's home is hard to beat!!!

I must write Heidi soon too - just so much to do after being away almost a month. It was a fabulous trip and I will post a lot of pics over the next few weeks (perhaps months as I took so many! Good to be back though.

Missed you and send warm hugs your way.

Mandie said...

hello! We have been having cold days too. Low over night has been upper 30's or low 40's. Brrrr....Highs have only been in the mid to high 50's. I have to admit, I kinda miss the snow sometimes. We are getting settled in the new house and we like so far. The kitchen is a little small but other than that, It's good! :o) Love you! Tell Georgewe all said hello also.

Anonymous said...