Friday, October 3, 2008


Meet Matilda, a few years ago, Heidi made this cute little witch and she told me she had to come home with me. The witch told me, not Heidi. Isn't she just the best little witch.
Here is the close up view. She hangs on a broom.
This is the dining room table. More might come later.

As you can see, I park my brooms at door ready to go. I have to tell you a little story about Zoe and one of my small brooms. She put the broom between her legs and said, "OK, now how do I go". It was sooo cute. I will never forget that. She was really serious and ready to go.


Linda said...

Nancy, Matilda is darling...I love her and hanging from a broom is perfect! Your brooms by the door and hat are neat. For Halloween I always dress as a witch (a good one) have been doing this for years.
I like your picture by the Salem Witch Meseum...I bet that was an interesting place to visit...have a happy weekend...hugs, Linda

Heidi said...

Hi Matilda! Long time, no see. You are still looking good, wart and all...LOL! Good to see she was allowed back out of the attic. Poor Marty must be lonely for a little while. :)

Love and hugs ~

Carolien said...

What a lovely story about Zoe, so charming! And your halloween scenes are great, great fun to see. Thanks for sharing!

Hugs, Carolien

Carolien said...

P.s. Love your banner!

Lilysmom said...

It's so fun to decorate for this season!

Rhondi said...

Hi Nancy.
I see Heidi shamed you into getting some fall decorations out of the attic :) It makes your home look very festive!
I loved the picture Heidi posted of her and her friends. They all looked like they were having such a good time.
Hope you have a good weekend.
Hugs, Rhondi

Sweetie said...

Nancy, I too visited the Salem Witch Museum. Did you see the dungeons where they kept the witches? Matilda is too cute for words. I love your decorations. I would have liked to hear Zoe asked about the broom. Kids make life fun.

Christine said...

Oh my...I just love Matilda!! Heidi makes the most wonderful things. Love the broom for a hanger, how creative.

What a cute story about Zoe. Reminded me of the Lizzie Kate pattern that says "My other car is a broom" lol

Love the new look of your blog too!

Mandie said...

Hi Gramma! She cracked me up when she said that! To tell the rest of the story, She wanted to be a witch for halloween and gramma promised to make her a costume. She she made her a skirt, a cape and a cute little glittery over skirt in a spider pattern. She also wore the hat you see on top of the broom sticks and she saw the brrom and put it between her legs. She looked and gramma, totally serious, and said "ok gramma, How do I take off?" We were of course dying with laughter! I will have to see if I still have the picture of her doing this. if I do, I will post the pics and tell the story on my own blog! Love you gramma!!! Myrtle Beach is getting close! :o)