Thursday, October 23, 2008


After getting a little off track, to make a gift for a friend's birthday, I finished naming the Snowmen. They had their names picked out, and were just waiting for me to get busy and put them on. Thanks a lot Eric and Bill for giving me those longggg names to put on. LOL.
Now, I have to decide if it is going to be a pillow, which is what the pattern shows, or something else. Thanks again Heidi for the pattern and fabric. They were fun little men to stitch.


hazel said...

The snowmen are adorable and I love how you have named them. The one for Jos is so apt I can see him sweeping the leaves in the garden at CC. Thank you for sharing.

Heidi said...

LOL! If Hazel only knew that the one is Jos the tour guide. You need to tell her that story. :) It looks great mother and I think you should turn it into a pillow. I love how you have put all the names on. Leave it to my silly brothers to give you those long names. And you are very welcome!

Love and hugs ~

Teresa said...

Your snowmen are really cute!! I like the idea of naming them and am so glad I could be part of that.

Thanks so much!

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy, your snowmen look great. Poor George will catch a cold though ... :)

Have a nice weekend & hugs, Carolien

Barbara said...

Nancy, your little guys are so cute. I love their names!


angelasweby said...

This little snowman gathering is just gorgeous. They all look as if they are pretending to be busy but they are really just having a good gossip .
I think a pillow would be excellent way of finishing this. And to think you weren't even cross stitching a few months ago...haha!
Hugs, Angela

Sweetie said...

Nancy - Your finished snowmen are so cute and I love their names. I think that your snowmen would make an awesome pillow. I'm anxious to see what you do with them.

Anonymous said...

Bill's name was longer!!! lol


Fran├žoise said...

so nice!!!!

Solstitches said...

Nancy, you finished snowmen look so cute and what a unique piece this is because there won't be another one just like it anywhere.
I think they will make a great pillow - a great talking point too :)

Lilysmom said...

Love the snowmen! In honor of your love of snowmen, I'm having an ALL snowman Christmas tree in my foyer this year!