Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We are leaving Thursday Morning for Myrtle Beach. We are staying at Mt Airy, North Carolina ,then on to Myrtle Beach on Friday. We are only staying a couple days, so leave Monday to head back North.

I rented a two bedroom condo on at Oceanfront. It has a pool too for Zoe, and a balcony for me. Mandie, Jason, and Zoe are meeting us there on Friday and we all leave Monday, since they were able to have Monday off. I cannot wait to see my little princess. Well, I told her she could bring her Mom and Dad too, cause I sort of, kind of, love them too. I told them they can go out and do what they want to, just leave Zoe with me. LOL.

Maybe we will visit this store, wherever it may be. I have not been to Myrtle Beach for many many years. Everyone says I won't know it now. All that was there was a Wacoma Pottery and tourist shops. I know there will be more tourist shops, but also other stores. I am taking my laptop, so I will try to keep up on some mail.


Sweetie said...

Hi, I wanted to know you how lovely your title design is. Also, have a wonderful vacation. Please stop over for a visit. I have something for you.

Rhondi said...

I know you will have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute with Zoe. Hope you have good weather. This is the best time to go to Myrtle Beach because it's not too crowded.
Hugs, Rhondi

Beaded Banners by Bonnie said...

Have a wonderful time! We discovered Myrtle Beach 2 year ago and returned this week for a 10-day vacation this summer. We live in Pittsburgh and flew this time so had more time there instead of on the road (12 hours on the road vs 1 hour 20 mins in the air!).

We love Mammy's Restaurant for their breakfast buffet right in Myrtle Beach and Crabby Mike's Seafood Buffet in Surfside for dinner (went twice to both places!). Mike's has prime rib and crab legs ON THE BUFFET for no extra cost.

We also discovered Huntington Beach Park and Myrtle Beach State Park this year......GREAT places to walk on the beach and find NICE shells! At Huntington you will even see alligators in the marsh area!

Oh........if you like flea markets, there is a fantastic one ummmm....south of Myrtle.....oh by a water park. I think it was between Myrtle and Surfside.

Have a blast! We can't wait to go back!!!

Beaded Banners by Bonnie

Beaded Banners by Bonnie said...

Ooooops.....should have checked for typos before sending! LOL We returned this YEAR, not this week! LOL I just had surgery last week......can I use the anesthesia as an excuse???? HA

Heidi said...

Well the truth should be told and you 'ordered' Jason and Mandie to go out in the evenings so you can have Zoe all to yourself. LOL! Fess up mother! I know you are going to be dying to get lots of hugs from my Zoe Pickle on Friday. You will be like a bubble ready to burst since you so miss that little girl.

Have a great time and be safe!!!

Love and hugs ~

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy,I wish you a wonderful time together with your family! So nice for you all to be together! Have fun, groetjes Sonja

Beatrice said...

Oh goody it sounds wonderful! have a great time!

Linda said...

Nancy, have the best time with your family and sweet Zoe. If you get to the beach squish your toes in the sand for me...hugs, Linda

Mandie said...

YAY!!!! I can't wait to see you! Zoe is Sooooo excited! And no gramma, You won't know it anymore. Although, this time of year is slower than normal. It's getting cooler and the kids are back in school so it won't be as busy! Which is a blessing for us. Love you!!! See you tomorrow!

Carolien said...

Well, you're gone by now, so: I hope you HAD a great time with Zoe, Mandie & Jason!

Hugs, Carolien

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time!!!


Lilysmom said...

Have a great time! Can't wait to see pictures. Yes, I agree w/Heidi, order Jason & Mandie to go out at night so you have Zoe to yourself....(and as a mother...what a nice treat for them to have alone time:-)