Saturday, December 13, 2008


Many, many years ago, this was me at Christmas. I got the doll in the background, my favorite. I loved to color then. This is the time we had real trees and icicles. Does anyone remember them? Way back in the attic, I still have some of the ornaments on this tree. The robe I was wearing was also a Christmas gift.

My Mom and Dad were in the elevator of a store downtown. My Dad saw the doll and told my Mom he had to go back up to the floor it was on. My Mom told me this story years later. It was wrapped with the legs all folded up over the head. I can still remember that. I think I was about six or seven when I got this doll . My Dad decided to be an amateur photographer, and put me behind a sheet with a light on to get this effect. My Dad loved to spoil me, and my Mom did ok too. I was a very happy child. Very fond memories for me.
If anyone sees this doll, please let me know, I really wish I had it back.


onlymehere said...

Living with children who want to be photographers and one who is I can appreciate the artistic value of this picture!! I have to show it to my daughter. I still have my sister's old doll. She must have got it in about 1963 so about 45 years old. My sister passed away when she was four in an accident on our farm. She was just a year younger than I was so I've always had an emotional attachment to this doll. It sits in my office and brings great memories. I love the doll it shows in your picture and wish I knew where she was but at least you have the memory of it and how your dad chose her for you! Wonderful post. Cindy

angelasweby said...

What beautiful photographs and memories too. Your childhood sounds really blessed with a lot of love and lots of fun too. The photo of you behind the sheet looks as if it has jumped right out of a children's book. I have to admit nancy, I still love colouring, even now...haha!

I still use the last few Christmas baubles that we had at home when I was a little girl. I love them dearly. I love to bring them out even though they are very fragile and occasionally one breaks.

Linda said...

Nancy, I really enjoyed seeing these precious pictures, especially the wonderful one your dad's just like a silhouette. Your chidhood memories sounds wonderful, I was blessed with a happy one too.
I have never seen a dollie like would be wonderful to have her back...hugs, Linda

Sweetie said...

Nancy - the picture that your dad took of you with the sheet is priceless. The picture of you on Christmas morning is wonderful also. What wonderful memories you have. I really wish that you could find a doll like the one that you had as a child. We have another thing in common. We both grew up with loving parents. Daddy liked to dabble in photography also.

BittersweetPunkin said...

WOW Nancy..those are wonderful photographs!!

I have some vintage ornaments that belonged to my Great Grandmother..I am so happy to have them because I remember them being on her tree when I was little. Every year when I unwrap them and put them on my tree I always get teary eyed.


Saskia said...

Love those photo's, and that doll.
I hope you get it back. Maybe some-one collects dolls and has one to give to you.
I still have my dolls and bears, and keep them in a box in my shed.

Mandie said...

Hi Gramma! What a cute picture of you! I don't think I've ever seen that one. Do you know that the only pictures I have from when I was young are in the scrapbook you made me. I remember real trees with icicles! I used to love puttingthe icicles on. It was always alot of fun and always a huge mess! LOL Now I light pine scented candles to get the sense of having a real tree.

Love you!!

diane said...

I love your pictures!! What beautiful memories you have. I think your doll is adorable. I, too, loved to color as a child ( I still do sometimes, don't tell!) and a box of crayons and a new coloring book were just precious to me!

Lilysmom said...

Beautiful pictures. YOu were so cute Aunt Nancy!

Teresa said...

What a sweet memory! The pictures are precious. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Nancy,
Oh, I'll have to show Mom those pics. They are so cool! Ok, am I the only one left that still has a real tree? I know I'm old fashioned but really am I the only one?

Mary said...

You are fortunate to have parents who saved these precious photos of you Nancy - they are truly magical. I don't have a single one of me as a child at Christmas - guess we didn't possess a camera then either!

However, as I said in my post, I do have great Christmas memories - and they are still so vivid. Wonder how many more years I'll be able to conjure them up in this fast aging brain - it's a little scary isn't it?

Yes, how right you are - we were totally happy with very few material things back then. Today's children are so spoilt and often most ungrateful too.

From your old-fashioned friend - Mary.

Sonja said...

Oh, Nancy, what a sweet little girl you were! And wonderfull that you share it with us. So nice to know you had a happy childhood, with loving parents. This is so basic and important for a person. And you where a blessed person to be able to pass this on to your children.
I hope someone who reads this blog can find you your doll again.(or a look-a-like??)

Heidi said...

I just still cannot believe, as I told you, that I have never seen that second photo before. I have the first one in my album of course. I remember the icicles as we had them on our tree when I was young too. :) Old fashioned is a very good thing! I wish Gram was still around as she was one very special lady! But then so is my mommy... :)

Love and hugs ~

Kristen said...

I love that picture! What is the name of the doll?? I would not have the first idea what to look for. :) Wonderful memories!!!! :)

Carolien said...

Oh, I love this post, Nancy! What a lovely stories and what a lovely pictures!!! You look so cute on them. And the 'shadow one' is really special. I hope you will find your doll! I gave mine away (silly of course) and I sometimes regret that.

Take care & hugs, Carolien

barbi said...

Oh My Gosh....those pictures of you, Aunt Nancy, are so adorable!! Don't you just wish you could go back to those days sometimes?? All of us who had happy childhoods and good parents wish they could go back every once in awhile, if even for only a short time, don't we?? Thanks for sharing!!

Love, Barbi

Françoise said...

beautifull photographs !!!!
very precious!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Marry Christmas to my favorite Aunt!