Thursday, December 4, 2008


Meet Sint. Since Heidi married Jos and moved to Holland, I have seen Sint in person. Tomorrow, December 5th, he will be visiting homes and the children are hoping he leaves them gifts. Just like our children do on Christmas Eve.
This is Piet. Piet is found everywhere you see Sint. Actually, several Piets go with him. He is always in a very colorful costume. They carry a bag and the children really hope they don't get put into it, and taken to Spain.
This is the boat they come to Holland on from Spain. Sint also might be riding a white horse. He arrives in Holland in November. Heidi invited Sint to her house when I was visiting, along with my sister and pen pal from England. It was great.
We were able to experience first hand the children next door seeing their toys lowered from the roof. They were so excited.
These are the famous little cookies that you find everywhere during the Dutch Christmas, and I do mean everywhere. All over the table, in your shoes, EVERYWHERE. Your shoes have to be set out so you can receive gifts during the season. Heidi could describe this much better, but I wanted to pay tribute to my Dutch friends who visit my blog, not to mention my very special daughter and son-in-law. HAPPY SINT DAY.
Sint should leave something for you, I know you were a good little girl.


Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Very interesting Nancy, I never knew this about Holland and the Christmas season. The cookies also look good.


Heidi said...

Yes I was a good girl but I don't think he will leave me anything. I am too busy playing Zwarte Piet today for someone! ;) Thanks for this great entry. We do have some fun memories of you being here at this time of year. You really need to come spend a December here again soon.

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

This was very interesting. I love finding out new traditions. Does your daughter also have her family celebrate Christmas? What a crazy month for her over there if she does, but what joy there must be! I thought of you last night. I was just flipping channels and ran across a knitting and crocheting show on UEN. It was really interesting!

Sweetie said...

I am always happy to learn something new. I had never heard about Sint Day before. The traditions in other countries are intriguing. I really never thought much about Holland until I met you and Heidi. I must visit Heidi and tell her "Happy Sint Day." And - you are fortunate to have visited Holland. It must have been a wonderful experience.

Sweetie said...

I visited Heidi to wish her a Happy Sint Day. Please stop by for a visit. I have something for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes Nancy,Sint was here in our home,he left a little present on our bed it was fun.Do you know the name of his horse Nancy???that's Americo that's funny.
Love Joke.

Saskia said...

Sinterklaas was even thinking of some-one in Ohio.... so watch the mail Nancy!
The most fun part of Sinterklaas is for the older 'children'.
After a raffle you buy gifts for the person you picked. And then the fun part begins! You can make a bit of fun of all the mistakes, jokes or mishappens that took place the last year,with that person. Wrap it in a surprise gift, write a poem and voila on 'pakjesavond' (gift evening) there will be a lot of laughing.
Last year with my co-workers we had a Sint evening. I made paint from jello and milk, and hide the gifts inside. So the girl had to dig in to find here presents.
Just because she was rebuilding her house and do all the painting in the house. And she was so done with all of that. In the poem I wrote about that the house was all pretty and it was time to paint and decorate herself. So the gifts where make-up and earings..
The poem I got was writen on toiletpaper and I had to unroll to read my poem (haha)
Just some more info on Sinterklaas.
And now we dutch go on to celebrate Christmas

Mary said...

Thanks for all this great storytelling - so interesting learning about different customs in other countries.

So dear Nancy - where are your snowmen? I'm waiting - will they be coming out to play this Christmas season? Personally I've cut back on the decorating - the Dicken's Village is not coming out any longer. Although it's cute it is now time for it to go off to someone else's home. I have enough other stuff to place around this little cottage!

Have a warm weekend.

Terri said...

That looks like fun! I've never hear of Piet before though. Interesting...I take it the Moors are "taking the children to Spain"?

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy, I FINALLY managed to do some blogging again! Can't tell you how busy it was here (the flu being everywhere, living in a parish house in December, bad time of the year to relax). But now you can see the beautiful gift Heidi made me. She's 'too good for this world', as we say here. I'm sorry I am this late and hope for better times in blogland.

I love all your snowmen and your cooking abilities look yummie! Are there apples in these 'balls'? It looks great!

Take care & hugs, Carolien

Christine said...

Fasinating! I love learning about other countries and their traditions.