Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have to tell you about a stitching friend I have in a small online group. She is telling our group she is going to start a petition to have me put up my tree. She is going to come to my blog everyday to check to see if it is there. Margaret lives in Spain but is from England. Will these two snowpeople meeting you when you come into the living room help?
Ok, what about these two? One will play a song for you, and the other will lift his hat to have a little snowman pop out. Eric, my son who will not do Christmas, bought this one for me at the Cracker Barrel a couple years ago.
These are just some who managed to escape from the attic and wouldn't stop on the stairs.
Now, this group finally organized and got into some order in their places on the steps. The headless one has a head now.


Sweetie said...

Nancy, Your snowmen are so cute. I love them sitting on your stairs. Each one is unique. The snowman playing the piano is wonderful. Your home is a winter wonderland. Are you putting up a tree??!! I might do that on Saturday.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh I remember your cute lil snowmen from last year Nancy!!

I am trying to catch up on visits with Friends..I have gotten dreadfully the heck are ya???


onlymehere said...

Who needs a tree when you have a whole community of these wonderful snowmen? I love the two greeters and how the ones on the stairs "organized themselves!" Your collection puts my daughter's collection to shame, but then again she's only been collecting them for 15 years since birth. Someday her's may be this grand! I have my tree up but it still isn't decorated. There just isn't enough time or energy right now to get it done.....maybe tomorrow. Cindy

Heidi said...

Any unhealthy obsession??? I bet you would come to life as a snowman if you could right? But I still have to giggle to think this is my mother who hates snow and! I think none of this is going to help out as Margaret wants to see your TREE. Time to get busy. Shhh! Mine is not up either...

Love and hugs ~

Mary said...

I knew they'd come!! Nancy, you have more snowpeople than anyone I've ever known. Now I know Christmas is truly on the way,

Just promise you won't trip over them coming down the stairs!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my decor - you and Heidi always say such sweet things and I do appreciate you always popping in. If only we could get together for real - it would be fun I know!

Heavy rain due here today - but very warm again so we won't get that snow yet.

Hugs - Mary.

Linda said...

Oh, look at all the darling Snowmen...they are so cute...I love all the different little hats and scarfs they are wearing I even see some little tiny ones too. My daughter collects Snowmen and she going to love seeing all yours. A Snowman tree would be fun to still have time:). Hugs, Linda

Lilysmom said...

Well I just love all the snowmen and how could you have room for a tree! We didn't put up a tree Lily's first Christmas and my dad had a FIT! It's your house, do what you want!

Sweetie said...

Nancy - I'm out and about visiting. Please stop over. I have something for you.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I was wondering when you house was going to be invaded by the wintery troops. Very Cute as always.

Anonymous said...


You need some rubber snowmen for the bathtub. You have an Army of snowmen, true enough, but what of the Navy? LOL


Solstitches said...

Hi Nancy,
What a glorious snowman collection you have there!
The one playing the piano is just priceless!
I would love to come to your home and be welcomed by the snowmen and while I'm there you could teach me to crochet properly too :)
Thanks for the smiles today.

Christine said...

Thanks for posting your snowmen photos. It just would not be Christmas without seeing Nancy's snowmen collection.