Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ok, somehow, the attic doors opened, the totes came out and all these snowmen came falling down the steps. I hurried upstairs and closed the doors so no more could get out right now.
After all of these landed at the bottom, my job was to pick them all up and get them organized on the steps. I'll show you another day. Right now, I have to sew the head back on one of the guys who fell and broke his crown, maybe his name is Jack. If you kept track of my blog last year, you know that I have close to 400 snowmen counting the ones that hang on the tree. If you look closely, you can see the headless guy here.


onlymehere said...

Oh no we can't let him stay without his head! LOL! Wow, 400+ snowmen! Now that's a collection that I'm dying to see! My daughter Kaje' collects snowmen so I'll try and keep her from "borrowing" a few! LOL! Cindy

Linda said...

Oh, these little snowmen are too cute...a little naughty...but I just love them. I can hardly wait to see all your collection. Nancy,I think you better hurry and let the others out of their totes or you are going to have more sewing to do.
It was interesting learning about Holland's Sint and Piet...yesterday must have been an especially happy one....hugs, Linda

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

FREE at last, ouch, my head hurts, Oh no, where is my head!


Sweetie said...

I love the snowmen that I have seen and am very anxious to see the entire 400. The snowmen must know that it's their time of the year and are in a hurry to celebrate.

Sonja said...

What a naughty set of snowman you have. But I can understand they want to come out this time of the year.Oh,oh you will be busy in giving them all their right place.

hazel said...

Hi Nancy, What a wonderful collection of snowmen you must have. Hope the headless one gets his head on quickly poor thing, they look lovely tumbling downstairs.
Hugs, Hazel UK

Heidi said...


Now we have to report snowman abuse to the snow police. That poor little fellow lost his head and his crown. I am so sorry to hear the others are still captive too.

Love and hugs ~

Christine said...

Oh my they have escaped!! Guess they know when it's time to come out. I'm sure the others will break out soon :-)