Tuesday, December 2, 2008


While waiting for Heidi to get on Skype, I went upstairs and let two snowpeople escape. This lady has decided to try to knit, but I don't think she will get very far with those mittens on. Guess she wanted a break from ice skating.
This guy is a snowman chair I bought in Amish Country. He was missing a mitten so I got a deal. I just brought him home and knit him a pair. The two little snowmen are from Heidi, she made them. The little ornaments were a birthday gift from my cousin Louise. She bought them in Florida last year. The red ribbon was tied on a swap gift from Barbara last year. We are having snow again by the way. Don't know how much we will get.
PS: I know what is wrong with my new laptop, the modum is not showing on it.


Heidi said...

Snow...did I read snow? As in go outside with gloves and hat and scarf on and build a snowman kind of snow??? :) I am glad you freed a couple of your snowpeople. What about the rest of them? Will they be allowed to escape the attic too?

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

I love these snow people!! Send some of your snow our way! I hate to shovel it and drive in it but we haven't had any and it's getting a little scary without it around here. We need the moisture! Once again, I love them and wish I lived near Amish country bz I see some really amazing things coming out of there. Cindy

Linda said...

Hi Nancy....I'd love some snow....again heavy fog here but I love that. Your snow people are so cute, the little lady knitting just made me LOL. Hope we have more tomorrow.
I know nothing about that a major problem? Is this something you'll be able to take care of...I hope so.
Nancy, I've tagged you for a fun Christmas MeMe...hope you'll join the fun..hugs, Linda

Carolien said...

My little snowman is waving at your snowmen, Nancy! How nice they came out. Well, since it is snowing at your place, it's about time I guess ...

Hugs, Carolien

hazel said...

I love your snow peole Nancy and did laugh when I saw the snowlady knitting, I thought it was you all dressed up (only kidding) they are adorable. You can keep the snow we have it very cold but sunny here today in the UK.
Love Hazel

Sweetie said...

Nancy, I just love your snowpeople. The snowman chair is something else! And then - there's the knitting snowlady. It doesn't get much cuter than that. I have slowly been bringing decorations down from the attic. I'm hoping to post my outside decorations later this week.