Sunday, November 30, 2008


I decided to take a picture of both my laptops to let you see the size of this one. Very small.
For quite some time, I have wanted to buy a very small laptop. Well, today, in the Best Buy ad, there it was at a great price. It looks like a baby compared to my other laptop. I wanted it mostly for travel. Carrying my other one is just heavy and hard to get out and put through the exray. Fingerprints are going to show up something fierce on it. Oh well.
First, we had a major problem getting connected to my wireless connection. After calling the troubleshooter, we thought we were good to go and not quite true. I cannot get connected to Internet Explorer. We have been having a lot of problems with them but I can't get on at all with this one. My son was here helping and I finally said, ok enough for tonight. He had things to do, since it was his day off, so he went home. Hope I can get it worked out but who knows.


onlymehere said...

This will be so nice for you when you travel! You must have been very good this year!

Sweetie said...

Hi, Congratulations on your new computer. It really does look small which will be nice for travel. It will be up and running before you know it. I had a problem with the laptop that I am using now and one of my technology literate daughters figured it out for me.

Heidi said...

I hope Bill can get it to work! It will be easy to travel with but you need to go on vacation and rest and not do your computer ~ unless it comes to talking to me, of course! LOL!

Love and hugs ~

Linda said...

What a neat will be great to take on your travels.
When I have problems or questions I have to call on my daughter for help. I hope everything is coming together and you are up and running soon....hugs, Linda

Rhondi said...

Woo hoo!!! Now you are really going to have fun. As soon as you get it working that is :) We have a lap top and I love it.
Hugs, Rhondi

Sonja said...

Hello Nancy, What a nice toy that is. That laptop is so cute! Hope you can get it working for the internet.

Barbara said...

Oh, how nice for you Nancy. I really looks very small, so should be very easy to travel with. Hope you get it up and running soon.


Mary said...

You will loe this once you get it up and running! I've got such long fingers (should have been a pianist!!) I doubt I could type too well on this small a keyboard though.

Lilysmom said...

So fun to get a new computer! Have a great time playing with it!

Anonymous said...