Friday, November 28, 2008


My daughter in law got up and went to Best Buys at 3:30AM today. She asked me if I was going shopping. I said, "Ahhhhh no". I never do shop on this day. If they depended on me to put them in the black, they would stay red. Working in the Malls for 22 years as retail Security, made me a firm believer that stores and malls are to be boycotted on this day. This is a Security nightmare. If you braved it and went out, I hope you found everything you wanted.
Have a great day.


Heidi said...

Well that is not news to me! I know how we don't even like going to the mall even anymore. Your favorite shops are the little ones like here in Holland in Staphorst. So when are you coming? :)

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...
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Rhondi said...

I've never shopped on Black Friday and don't intend to do it ever. Not my idea of fun :(

Barbara said...

Nancy, I don't shop on Black Friday either. If you stores would just have normal sales, they wouldn't need to do Black Friday! Our Wal-mart here had two knock-down fights, one man got arrested, one had to be taken to the hospital, some woman got her forehead cut, but wouldn't get out of line to go to the ER. I can't believe what people do!


Sweetie said...

Hi Nancy, Two of my daughers and one granddaughter left for the mall at 2:00 a.m. Late this morning two of my other daughters talked me into a shopping excursion. I had been getting ready to start the outside decorating (that will wait until tomorrow). We did some shopping and, surprisingly, the stores were nothing like those we saw on TV. We only went down the road 22 miles and I think that everyone else went to the malls. This is the very first time that I shopped on Black Friday.

Linda said...

Nancy...I broke my rule of not shopping today...ran to Michael's for a few things and then right back home. I really prefer staying home too and just relaxing after celebrating Thanksgiving...hugs, Linda