Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I finally managed to make a pillow out of my snowmen. I don't like doing the finishes I have found out.
It would be much easier to just put them in a frame, but once I started this, I had to finish. Where is Heidi when I need her?


Heidi said...

I was right here where I always am!!! You would have had to come to Holland for me to finish it for you. But you did not need me at all because you did just fine all by yourself! Did you get out your snowmen yet?

Love and hugs ~

hazel said...

It's beautiful Nancy and when you get tired of it just mail it me. You have done a lovely job on the finishing. Hugs, Hazel

Rhondi said...

Dear Nancy
I think your snowmen look great on the pillow. You did a wonderful job. My sewing friends just left so now I am back visiting some more of my favorite people, like you in blogland.
I'm glad yo uhad a good time crocheting with your friend.
Hugs, Rhondi

Linda said...

Nancy, your snowmen pillow is just darling. I love the fabric you used on the back and the red ruffle is the perfect finishing touch...very nice:). Hugs, Linda

Barbara said...

Oh Nancy, I love your snowman pillow, when are you going to send it to me? If you won't send the pillow, would you share the pattern? I love the back and the ruffle. You done good, dear friend.


diane said...

I think Heidi MUST have been there in spirit at the minimum, but you didn't need the help, you did a find job all on your own!! Beautiful pillow that I know you will enjoy for many, many years!

Lilysmom said...

Cute Aunt Nancy. So did you buy any new snowmen today?

Sweetie said...

Hi Nancy, I love the pillow and the finishing work is great. I think that somehow Heidi is always with you. You are so talented. I sewed a lot when our daughters were younger - back in the times when little girls wore dresses to school. I made lovely dresses and my Mother always hemmed them. I hated to finish them too. What is your next project?

onlymehere said...

Love how it turned out! I prefer to frame mine to but have made some pillows out of my crosstitch.

Christine said...

Ohhh Nancy. The snowmen turned out wonderful! Your finishing is very nice. I loved your earlier post about how the snowmen got their names. Cute!

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, I'm working on organzing my extra bedroom and later in the day going to do a bit of shopping and have a quick lunch at Mickey D's. Have a happy weekend...hugs, Linda