Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ok, this turkey is definitely done. It just fell apart trying to take it out of the roasting pan. It is really yummy. All the dressing is popping out.
This beautiful tablecloth was chrocheted by my Mother. I don't use it much because it is precious to me. We did not eat on it, needless to say. I sometimes do put it on under the glass on my table to keep it protected.

The dishes are in honor of Heidi. She and Jos bought them for me and call the set Dutchwood. I have way more pieces and glasses which we used and I forgot to put on before the picture. The napkins are also Dutch "Dick and Jane". We wanted Heidi with us for our dinner. The placemat in the center, I have two, was made by Carolien. You can view her great blog on my list of friends. I got to meet her and she is a wonderful person. She did not know I had these dishes when she made the placemats. The doll was a gift from Jacomina, one of Heidi's quilt ladies.

These are the first two pies I made. See, George and I had a piece of the raisin the night I made them. The other one is Rassleberry.

I just now took the pumpkin pies out of the oven. One will go home with Bill today, and if Eric wants one, one will also go home with him. We do not need all these pies but I like making them on the holidays. We have cool whip in the fridge too. I have one more pie to complete, the crust is made for a peanut butter pie to take tomorrow. Today, my guys are coming back to eat leftovers. Boy, do I have turkey leftover, and tomorrow we are going to George's son's house for dinner. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Heidi said...

Hey! How did that snowman get in the picture? :) Everything looks yummy, well except that raisin pie. I question little brother's taste. LOL! Enjoy your second Thanksgiving meal today and the third tomorrow. Good thing turkey is so yummy huh?

Love and hugs ~

P.S. ~ Good thing Jos is not there or there would only be enough Cool Whip for him.

onlymehere said...

I have a crocheted tablecloth that my grandmother made. We don't eat on it either but I bring it out for special occasions. I have a queen-sized bedspread she crocheted too but can't figure out how to use it properly. Maybe in a guest room when the kids are all moved out so it will stay nice! Do you hand block and starch your tablecloth?

Rhondi said...

Hi Nancy
That turkey looks delicious and I think you have too much pie so I'll be right over to help you eat some of it!
Happy Thanksgiving.
Hugs, Rhondi

Barbara said...

Oh my Nancy, everything looks yummy, especially that raisin pie. We have mincemeat pie here. I love your tablecloth and your table is beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Sweetie said...

Nancy, Your turkey and pies look delicious. I would go for the raisin. The crocheted table cloth is beautiful and such a nice heirloom. Your table looks lovely and you do have Heidi with you. We are having 32 tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving.

Linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving Nancy. Your turkey and stuffing looks so good and you know pie is my favorite dessert....need I say more:).
What a beautiful tablecoth and the dishes are so pretty , makes for a lovely table. Enjoy tomorrow, hugs, Linda

Solstitches said...

What a lovely post Nancy. I so enjoyed this little peek into your family Thanksgiving.
The table cloth your mom made is indeed a treasure.
What ymmy pies you made. You've been so busy. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your special dinner.

Carolien said...

Your pies look good, Nancy! Quite a job to do as well. Happy Thanksgiving and how nice to see the Dutchwood things on the table!

Hugs, Carolien

Anonymous said...

Okay...the raisin pie is getting a bad rap here. Raisin pie is a lot like life... if you judge it based upon preconcieved notions or appearances you will not even give it a chance , and will have never enjoyed the surprising sweetness and wonderful flavor it will enhance your life with.


Kristen said...

YUMMMMMMM That looks wonderful!!! I might have to try rasin pie some time. ??? Never had it before. It looked like blueberry at first glance. I LOVE blueberry!!! :)