Saturday, November 1, 2008


Since it is November 1st, I wanted to post this entry for my new found friend, Sweetie, and her beautiful family. I am going to tell you a little about her and I hope she won't mind that I am asking all of you, no matter what your religion, to keep her in your prayers everyday.
Last November 25th, someone took the life of Sweetie's beautiful daughter. You can visit her blog and see a picture of Sherry. This murder is unsolved, and our family knows what that would be to have to live with. As the anniversary comes near, she needs closure. If all of us pull together, maybe we can help her in some very small way. I tell her daily she is always in my thoughts, and it is very true.
You can click on her blog from my list of friends. Just look for Sweetie. I have found she is a beautiful person.


Mandie said...

How nice of you Gramma! And yes we do know first hand what it's like. Even with closure it's hard. I will be sure to pay her a visit and introduce myself. And if she reads thins too, Sweetie, you are also in my prayers as is your entire family. I hope this gets resolved soon!

Carolien said...

We'll think of her!

Have a nice Sunday & hugs, Carolien

onlymehere said...

I actually found you through Sweetie and I agree that she is a sweetheart. I will definitely keep her in my prayers every day. I cannot imagine now knowing who did this to your child. I'm sure it's a nightmare she lives with every day. Thank you for your sweet post on her and your concern for her. This anniversary will be rough on her I'm sure. Cindy

Saskia said...

I think of Sweetie and her family by lighting a candle tonight. That's how I learned the other way to 'pray' in the "den Hartog" family.
My grandmother, my parents, aunts, uncles, the all light a candle by pictures, in churches, or by an icon. And be quit for a while and think of loved ones.
Talking with my mum on the phone right now, and she's completly agree-ing with me. She will light a candle too, tonight.
Hugs from me and Joke

Heidi said...

I hope Sweetie 'finding' us this year will help bring some comfort to her. It is so tough and she is still in the very painful stages. Hopefully we can help soften that pain just a little. And as I told you mother, you and she were meant to find each other in life.

Love and hugs ~