Saturday, November 15, 2008


I finished this last night, but I couldn't post it until today. As most of you know, Eric drives a semi and he is on his way back. Last night he was in Ohio, so he won't be online to see this now. He is coming in this morning and I will give it to him.

He rented an apartment right behind us and we did it all in beige and dark browns. I think this will fit in very well. I am waiting for him to call from the truck stop to be picked up and can't wait to give him his new afghan. Love you Eric.
I like to keep an afghan in the making in winter, they keep me warm while I am watching TV in the evening. Wonder what color I should make next. Hummmm.
Maybe Bill will have a good idea. They don't take long to make at all.


onlymehere said...

Afghans are the best and this one is beautiful! My mother-in-law made a similar one for my husband early in our marriage. She used a denim blue solid and tan solid with a denim blue and tan varigated. We still use it. I also bought the yarn for her to make me an off-white one for my front room. She gives each grandchild an off-white one when they get married. She has several different patterns made up and lets them pick the one they want. I'm sure he'll cherish this and the colors look perfect for how you described his apartment! I have tried to crochet but the arthritis in my hands just cramps up too much holding that hook so I leave this talent to my MIL and she does beautiful work as you do too!

Heidi said...

Eric will love this mother! He will be sure to tell me about it too...LOL! Right baby brother??? I am sure Bill will have a great idea for your next afghan and, if not, I will come up with an idea. :)

Love and hugs ~

Carolien said...

Big compliment, Nancy, this afghan looks so warm and comfy! A nice way to come home and finding out that your mom has made you an afghan ... You are SWEET (but of course we already knew this :)!!!

Love your pillow as well, this red is such a nice border to accentuate the snowmen. Well done! (And I don't like those finishing things as well.)

Have a nice Sunday & hugs, Carolien

Lulu said...

thats beautiful and he will just love it..

Barbara said...

That Afghan is beautiful Nancy. I'm sure Eric will love it, if he doesn't, you can send it to me...I have an idea for your next afghan, how about sunflower colors, yellow and brown, then you can send it to me!


Mary said...

Lucky Eric - what a great coming home gift!! He'll love it and you will know your "baby" is warm on those chilly nights that are definitely on the way!!

Hugs..........and I'm keeping my fingers crossed you don't get snow YET!

Mandie said...

Well...My bedroom is lacking an afghan...we are light teal blue and dark chocolate brown :o) I never have time to knit anymore. I barely have time to do this!!! ha ha ha. Beautiful Afghan and I know Eric will love it and use it frequently. In fact, I am using the multi colored one you made me a couple years ago right now! Love you!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My mom loves me. What else matters, really? You'll all be happy to know the colors go perfectly in my apartment, but it wouldn't matter to me if they did or didn't. Anything handmade by family is a treasure indeed. Thank you so much, mom. I love you.


Elly said...

Hello Nancy

I love the pattern of the Afghan and it reminds me to nice warm chocolate!
Hugs and groetjes, Elly

Sweetie said...

Nancy, Eric will love this afyhan - how could he not? It's not only beautiful but it was made with love. It really has a masculine look.

Linda said...

Nancy, this is a wonderful afghan...I especiall like the design and colors. Eric will love it, each time he uses it, it will be like a warm hug from you. Hugs, Linda

Solstitches said...

Love the ripple afghan. I bet Eric was thrilled to have this.