Monday, November 10, 2008


Tomorow is our special day, set aside to honor our veterans. As most of you know, we are very much a military family, past and present members. Our veterans are very special people and we would not have our wonderful free country without them. Thank you to all who have served in the past, and the ones now serving.

This is the first Veteran in my life. My Dad served in World War I and was out of the military when I was born. I used to wear his uniform to go Halloweening and so wish I had it now. I loved my Dad very much, he was a very special man to me. I think Bill, my oldest son looks like him. Bill and Eric served in the Navy and their Dad, also Bill served in the Marines, in Korea and then in the Air Force in Viet Nam.
Of course we now have our Army men, Mitch now serving in Iraq, and Jason who is now stationed at Ft Bragg. Our family loves all of you and thank you for serving for us, we are proud of you.


Sweetie said...

Hi Nancy, I really enjoyed your post. I have a Veteran's Day post scheduled for tomorrow but it isn't nearly as personal as yours. My grandfather was awarded a Purple Heart for being gased by the Germans in World War I. I have his Purple Heart. My dad's sister was an Army nurse and his three brothers were in branches of the service during World War II. My dad's biggest disappointment during his life time was that he could not enlist in the service for medical reasons. He was turned down twice. I have one of his refusal notices. You can really be proud that your family continues to make such wonderful contributions to our country.

Heidi said...

You would have loved seeing the British coverage of their memorial service today. The 3 remaining survivors from WWI all laid wreaths. It was really a touching thing to see. Active duty service men and woman accompanied these three men in wheelchairs and helped them with the wreaths. You just wanted to reach out and hug these amazing men all very elderly! Did Dad get a flag on his grave today?

Love and hugs ~

Linda said...

Good morning to you. What a lovely post and tribute to the veterans in your family and to all the men and women who are serving our country...who I am ever so thankful full for.

Hugs, Linda

deola said...

Nancy. I love your blog and the sacrifice made by father for your country.

I will love to host you on my blog.

Mandie said...

Hi Gramma, Well we got news today that Jason should be deploying again sometime between February and April. If not then, it will be in September. :o( But the good news is that they have changed the deployments for his company to 6 month stints. We aren't sure where he will be this time although the word is Iraq at the moment. Could be Qatar again, or Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or even Yemin. We won't know till it happens.

Very nice post! I love seeing old pictures of men in Uniform. Putting a face to some of the many men that helped make our country so great. Lets hope it doesn't go to Hell in a handbasket with all the "changes" we are told we will be seeing. I fear greatly for our military over the next 4 years...hopefully not longer. Love you!!