Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today, I received a phone call from a very special person. My Grandson, Mitch, stationed in Iraq, took the time and part of his calling card to call me and say Happy Thanksgiving. What a wonderful man he is. I love him dearly. He has a very strong faith in God, and a love for his country.
I tried to print a picture of a calling card they sell at the bases for the soldiers. Only part would print. I am thanking God today for our wonderful troops who are keeping us free and safe.


Heidi said...

Happy Thanks-for-givin' mother and hope Mitch has one too if he happens to read this!

Love and hugs ~

Anonymous said...

Amen on the blessings for the troops.


Joni said...

So glad you got to speak with Mitch and I'll bet you were grinning silly for two hours afterward! I've been keeping up with your blog but not commenting (bad Joni!!) but I must tell you that I love your quilt. Congrats on that HUGE finish. Also, your turkey absolutely made me drool with all that stuffin' popping out! Talk to you soon on Skype. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Nancy.

angelasweby said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving surprise. I'm sure you cheered him up as much as he cheered you.
We all have so much to be thankful for :>)
Hugs, Angela

Linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving Nancy. What a nice surprise to hear from your grandson...blessings to him and all our wonderful troops...I am most thankful for many things and they are one of them...hugs, Linda

hazel said...

What a thoughtful and caring grandson you have in Mitch, so pleased he call you.
Love Hazel

Barbara said...

OH Nancy, what a wonderful surprise, from a very thoughtful young man. Our son called today also, and our grandchildren called, so our day has been complete. As I'm sure yours has also.


Sweetie said...

Hi Nancy, It's wonderful that you received a phone call from your grandson Mitch. I know that you are very proud of him. I am in awe of the wonderful men and women that are serving our country. We had the entire family here today. There were both laughter and tears. I know that you understand. Stephanie and Michele arrived early. They are cutting squares from Sherry's clothing to make a quilt. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Lilysmom said...

Mitch, we all hope that you are safe! Happy Thanksgiving!

Carolien said...

Oh Nancy, how nice Mitch took the phone to call you! Great.

Have a nice weekend & hugs, Carolien

P.S. I just read in the papers that somebody died because of this rush in shops for Christmas. Too many people walked over this person. Isn't it awful!!! Brrr ...

onlymehere said...

I'm thankful for men like your grandson Mitch too. My son's best friend has adopted us so you may hear me now and again refer to my adopted son Quinn. Quinn just returned a few months ago from his second tour in Iraq. He doesn't talk much about it but he knows that we love and respect him for being willing to serve our country over there. I'm so glad he could call you too.

Rhondi said...

Oh Nancy, What a wonderful Thanksgiving that you got that phone call! The only thing better would have been for Heidi to arrive on your doorstep!
Tahnks for you sweet comments about my family.
Hugs, Rhondi

Kristen said...

He loves you very much!!!! I am thankful for their sacrifice as well. They have it far harder over there then we could ever imagine back in the states! I love you!!!