Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am hopefull that Sweetie will not mind me using this picture from her daughter's blog. This is the anniversary of the unsolved death of her beautiful daughter, Sherry. Sweetie said they went to the cemetary after her daughter was buried and one of her other daughters said she wished she could have a sign that her sister was okay. They looked up and this cloud appeared in the sky. Sherry is an angel now, and I hope soon the family has peace and the crime is solved. Pray for the family because today at one o'clock, there is going to be a news conference. You are in my thoughts today.


onlymehere said...

She has been in my prayers since the moment I first read that her daughter had been murdered. I cannot imagine her pain. I pray for peace for her and her family and that there will be a break in the case that gives the family some closure. You are such a sweet friend to remind us all of this anniversary. God bless you and Sweeties family during this time. Cindy

Heidi said...

We have to hope that the news conference will bring a break though so they can start to bring some closure to this. It is never an easy day but time does soften the pain. I am off to her blog to say hello and tell her she is in my thoughts.

Love and hugs ~

Linda said...

Nancy, Sweetie has been in my thoughts...and I pray the news conference will bring new light to this case and bring closure and peace to her.
The sign from heaven is beautiful....there are angels and I believe...hugs, Linda

Lilysmom said...

Hi Aunt Nancy, unfortunately, you share a loss with Sweetie. I'm so glad that you can be of support to each other. You are a good friend.

Kristen said...

It is good that you have found one another to lean on! I have been praying for her and her family. I know that our lives can so easily be turned upside down by the cruel acts of others. These are the times when I am most thankful for God's grace!

HDMac said...

How sad to lose a daughter.... how blessed to know a loved one is with God... What a very special sign... praying for this family. :)