Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ok, Heidi, Margaret, Christine and everyone else who said I needed a tree. This is as good as it gets this year. The snowman on top says I love USA, I already had him and the one at the bottom, which is one of my very favorites.
This is my Gingerbread tree and it was not put into the attic. I just went out today to buy what would turn it into a USA tree.
With Kristy's husband, Mitch, in Iraq right now, and Mandie's husband, Jason, going to Quatar again in January, the main thing is to support our troops.
The main reason for the season is the birth of Jesus and we so need to remember that right now and pray for our country and especially our troops, who are keeping us free. Hope my little tree fits the bill for those who wanted me to have one.


Fran├žoise said...

Woua!!!! Beautifull!!!!

Joanne said...

Nancy, I think you did a perfect job decorating that tree! By the way, I LOVE all the snowmen you have!!!! And the Christmas village you made Heidi years ago is just beautiful.
Joanne :)

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Love the tree and your theme is so very special and important.

I am finally, getting some time!! to catch up on blogs. I love the snowmen - they are so cute.

But what I really liked are the little sheep that I saw sitting on a table!!! I just love sheepies and hedgehogs tooo.

With Holiday Stitches,
Peace and Goodwill,

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Nancy, I love your tree. It almost looks like my tall, skinny pine tree. It is beautiful and I love the way you decorated with the red, white and blue. You cooked, you want me to have heart failure! Since you cook about like I do! Anyway it all looks yummy.


onlymehere said...

It's perfect and would look right at home in my office. My office is done in Americana and it reminds me of why I have the freedoms I have. May God keep your loved ones safe from harm while they serve our country. God bless.

Linda said...

Nancy, your patrotic tree is wonderful and a perfect way to remember and honor those serving and protecting our country.
The village and all the little people you made for Heidi is amazing, it is just beautiful and I loved visiting it. Hugs, Linda

Solstitches said...

Nancy! I got all behind on my blog reading but imagine how delighted I was to see your tree up.
I LOVE how you've decorated your tree in honour of your grandson and all the troops serving overseas. Just wonderful!
If you use Christine's idea of just covering the tree up to store it you can have it out in a jiffy next year too :)

Sonja said...

Love your tree! I can imagine that with a daughter like Heidi, you won't find any excuse to not put up a xmas tree...
Your snowmen are so cute now they listened to you and got organized. Hope they stay there and don't try to escape..LOL

Heidi said...

Well you done me proud Mom! Now do you realize you are ready for yet another holiday. Set this back out again for the 4th of July and how cute will that be?! I think it turned out adorable and a tree is a tree is a tree. If we keep this tempo up, my tree might be my small one!

Love and hugs ~

Carolien said...

Now this is a nice gesture ... and I am glad there is a tree now! And how true are your words about Christmas.

Hugs, Carolien (I fulfilled my little promise, by the way)

angelasweby said...

What a lovely tree. See how easy it is to turn a gingerbread tree into a Patriotic Christmas tree, if you have a creative mind and you certainly have that. But, like you, I believe the true meaning of Christmas comes from deep inside us and shows in our thoughts and actions :>)

I love all your snowmen. They are always doing something different and interesting. I am convinced that they party all night long in your house and, in the morning, just stop exactly where they are :>)
Hugs, Angela

Terri said...

That's a nice tree, Nancy! I like it!

Say, is that a doll house I spy next to it? Wish you would show inside of it!

Saskia said...

Love your tree. Very creative and special!!
There is no christmastree in my house too, but I have some little wooden and glass trees on a shelf.
Maybe, some day, in another house I will put up my christmastree again.

Christine said...

He he!!! I knew you had it in you! You must be very proud of yourself for putting together such a unique and special tree. I'm sure it warms your hert every time you look at it. Great job Nancy!

Mandie said...

Very cute little tree Gramma! :o) I love the America theme. I'm glad the ladies talked you into putting one up! It just isn't Christmas without a nice matter what size! Love you bunches & miss you!!!!


Susie Q said...

It is a beautiul tree! I love it...especially as a (now retired) navy wife!

I poped in here via Terri's blog and have a wonderful time reading and looking!


Kristen said...

Hahahahah! You are sooo funny Gramma! The tree looks great! Mitch has a small tree in his room in Iraq but his is about a foot high. :) We sent him a tree and decorations for it with his stocking and a few presents. Hmmm, hopefully you are feeling a BIT more Christmassy now!! ;)